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Show your knowledge about the anime!

On this quiz you have 3 chances to complete, if you lose all chances you will back to the first question. Show us if you are a good fan of Soul Eater completing all questions!

This quiz has translations in english and portuguese; if we having a good number of stars, soon more questions.

Shibusen Quiz is a tribute to the anime Soul Eater

* Questions of the quiz

1. What is the name of the school?
2. Who is the strongest shokunin of Shibusen?
3. What is the clan of Black Star?
4. The first soul eaten in the anime was a Kishin Egg Soul.
5. What is written on his forehead?
6. How are these sisters known?
7. What technique do witches use to disguise their identity?
8. What is the name of Thompson Sisters?
9. What kind of song played in Soul Eater's dream?
10. What is the name of the kishin that was under the school?
11. From where is Mary (before going to Shibusen)?
12. In what village did Arachne revive?
13. How are golems makers called?
14. Who is the character below?
15. Shinigami's soul is bigger than Shibusen.
16. For how long did Arachne sleep (in years)?
17. How many transformations does Tsubaki have?
18. How old was Justin when he became a Deathscythe?
19. Who is the partner of Ox?
20. Who is the father of Maka?
21. Blair is a witch.
22. What sport did Crona play in Shibusen?
23. What color is the star on Black Star's shoulder?
24. What is the password to communicate with Shinigami-sama?
25. What is Kid's favorite number?
26. By how many candies did Maka convince Ragnarok to help her against the golem?
27. How many eyes does Asura have?
28. Who was Spirit's first meister?
29. How is called the Holy Sword?
30. Excalibur appeared for the first time in the anime for whom?
31. What is the name of Eruka's tadpole?
32. What is Soul Eater's full name?
33. How many stripes does Kid have on his hair?
34. How many episodes does the anime have?
35. What is Maka's full name?
36. From where the Thompson Sisters were?
37. Who was the first witch to appear in the anime?
38. Sid is a meister of how many stars?
39. What is the color of a human soul?
40. What is the weapon form of Justin Law?

If you have any suggestion for questions, send us an email with the title " Soul Eater Quiz " to

(c) Shadow Priest 2018

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