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Show your knowledge about the anime!

On this quiz you have 3 chances to complete, if you lose all chances you will back to the first question. Show us if you are a good fan of Sword Art Online completing all questions!

The quiz has translations in english and portuguese; if we having a good number of stars, soon more questions/languages.

Aincrad Quiz 2 is a tribute to the anime Sword Art Online

Questions of the quiz:

1. Who was the first player to talk to Kirito in SAO?
2. How many people have played the beta version?
3. Who of them was a beta tester?
4. Kirito plays SAO since 2022.
5. What is the first boss of SAO?
6. Which boss gives a revival item?
7. In how many guilds did Kirito join at SAO?
8. What item did Pina leave after it died?
9. A beast can be revived in how long (days) at most?
10. What is the color of Rosalia's cursor?
11. What is the sword below?
12. Dark Repulser is a sword made by
13. What kind of sword does Kirito like?
14. What is the currency of SAO?
15. Who is older?
16. How much did Kirito pay for Dark Repulser?
17. How long does it take to start a duel?
18. What is the name of this guild?
19. What system controls SAO?
20. What sword did Kirito use to kill Heathcliff?
21. Kirito has ever used AmuSphere.
22. Select who did not play Sword Art Online in 2022.
23. About how many people died in SAO?
24. What year did Kirito get into Alfheim Online?
25. How many classes does ALO have?
26. What is SAO's game style?
27. Kirito and Sugu are
28. On which floor was the house of Kirito and Asuna?
29. What was the developer of SAO?
30. How much did Kirito earn at GGO by betting?
31. How much was Kirito's lightsaber?
32. What does mean BoB?
33. Which BoB did Kirito participate in?
34. How many players of GGO were killed by Death Gun?
35. Who was the winner of BoB2?
36. What is Sinon's gun?
37. What is Death Gun's name at GGO?
38. What is Death Gun's name at SAO?
39. XeXeeD was Death Gun's first victim.

If you have any suggestion for questions, send us an email with the title " SAO Quiz " to

(c) Shadow Priest 2018

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