Fast And Quick Battery Charger Ultra 5x 3.0

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Super Fast Charger 5x 3.0 Helps charge the battery Faster than ever

Fast And Quick Charger Ultra 5x 3.0 is the perfect app if you want to reduce the waiting time for Battery Charging and make a Fast Charger.

Fast Charging for Android is ultimate tool powered by Your Fast And Quick Charger Ultra 5x 3.0 team, which can boost your battery charging speed by about 20 - 40%. This app will automatically activate when you connect your charger and will boost your charging speed.

Do you know when the battery is charging, applications running underground, turning on the 3G network connection, wifi, bluetooth, on your phone is the main reason why the battery charge time is much longer. The only solution to this problem and boost charging speed is to turn off applications running underground and unnecessary connections on your phone to save energy, which will help to charge the battery faster than normal.
fast charger battery gives you an excellent solution to optimize your device for fast charger automatically and boost your charging speed.

- New and Improved Touch, Drag and Drop Experience!
- Sweetest tips for battery MAINTENANCE.
- Very smooth animations.
- "Quick Settings" provides you quick access to save battery settings (AirPlane, Wi-Fi, Data connection, Bluetooth, Location and Stop Music) and can create independent Quick Tile.
- Visually beautiful Modern-style UI.
- Manual refresh your Battery life.
- Shows Battery level history usage graph with intuitive UI design.
- Count the charge cycles on your phone.
- Statistics mechanism.
- Added Stop the Music! Remove the active song from the volume bar quickly and easily!
- Remaining time, charging info and last update time on lock screen.
- Offers you an accurate breakdown on how long your battery will last on ten different tasks.
- Shows battery life with intuitive UI design.
- Low charge notifications.
- The styles of the Battery+ varies depending on the accent color.
- Three types of live tiles. (Icons is clear and intuitive.)
- Support notifications and background on lock screen.
- Ability to quickly open some settings to save battery life.
- 100% Accuracy.

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