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Description & Details

Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age.

"Unblock Red Wood" is a simple and addictive sliding block puzzle game.
Perfectly solve stages without using hints and get 3 stars and a super crown!

The goal of game is to get the red wood block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way.
We will provide a lot of levels to the players.

Enjoy puzzles and keep your mind sharp!

Some stage are particularly difficult, We want players to think more.

If there is a difficult level, you can use the prompt clearance

Unblock Red Wood can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday.
play by yourself or challenge your friends to compare your moves. Line up and have fun with your buddy :)

• Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side
• Vertical blocks can be moved up and down
• Move the red block to the exit.

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4.0.3 and up
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1000000 - 5000000
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Latest Ratings

Mark 1
The game makes you replay levels from the start every time you use it. It is impossible to progress. Also, the prompt to rate the game refers to the user as the designer's "god." I know Who God is. I'm not Him, you aren't Him, and they aren't Him.
Rebecca 3
Great time passing game and a bit challenging but way too many ads, I think I'm going to uninstall it because of the massive amount of annoying ads. Other than that, its pretty fun.
It's a great game to pass the time and also engaging. It's a brain teaser, makes you think but to many ADS is also frustrating. Sometimes you just give up and quit the game.
This game is OK but I can't say fantastic and amazing. Very dissapointed. I hope you'll will make more better games in the future. Good luck. Don't take my comment in a negative way. 😜😁😍👍🏻👐🏻
Clare 2
Too many timed adverts...after every game. Got to level 20 or so not realising that when I played again I would be back to level 1.... It's a good game and would not have uninstalled but for that fact.
Andrea 4
Too many interrupting adds! It's quite nerve racking. I just want to play the daggone game ☺
Tracy 3
It's very unfortunate that you cannot freeze or go back if you choose to your level. Playing each time from scratch is the major downside but other than a few glitches it is good for both thinking and passing the time.
Nick 3
Gameplay is really good fun, and can be quite challenging... BUT 5 seconds of advertising after EVERY level is way too much... would have rated it as a 5 star otherwise.
Very nice game but it always makes one play every level from the beginning, I can't level up constantly for this reason. But no doubt it's a good game... Download it, Have fun...
Jessie 1
To MANY ADS.EVERYTIME U PASS A LEVEL YOU GET A AD. Uninstalling. Wish I could of gave it a zero I would have but I have to give one star so there you go.
Edz 5
Superb! Perfect! no idle moment as you play it. satisfying! thumbs up! all the best and keep improving for the goal to have the bestest mind twisting game! <3

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