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Discover Ethereum Mining with Our Free ETH Faucet App. Try now & Get Free Ether!

Enjoy Free Ethereum Mining in our app and great rewards will be yours. Download the our ETH miner app, install & get free ethereum without limits 💰.

Nowadays there are not many people, who have never heard of mining and a chance to earn a virtual currency not depending on location or occupation. It is a great opportunity to improve your wellbeing, make friends with people from all over the world and use leisure time effectively ⌚️.

Today we offer each and everyone a great chance to download an app, which will help you enlarge your ethereum wallet and obtain finneys without any delays! You will be able to exchange them, use on virtual markets and obtain lots of various goodies. Ethereum mining software is reliable, safe and fast, so you won’t need to look for another way to make finneys 📲.

Our app is designed according to all of your requests and you can be sure that with us your ethereum mining will be simple and successful! Just make sure you have created a personal account to store all of your achievements.

Imagine how happy your spouse will be to see that you are using your leisure time effectively. Be among the first to learn about all the free ethereum features we have in store. Let us start this journey together and you will never want to leave 🙇🏿!

The best ethereum faucet you will find 💸

If you want to find out the ethereum price , buy ethereum or get any other information, you can always load our app and dive into the world of virtual wellbeing and assets!
There is no better way to learn how to mine ethereum and we guarantee our full support throughout the process.

To make finneys you can select one of the tasks and games we offer:
- Installing various free apps. It is the most popular task among our users, which gives anyone a chance to complete mining ethereum in no time;
- Watching videos and commercials. You can simply play them and get back doing the things you like!
- Using boosters to increase the number of obtained finneys. There are two types of boosters: hourly and daily, which will help you to speed up the process and use every feature of the ethereum miner ;
- Collecting hourly rewards and finneys. Just make sure you log in regularly to obtain various bonuses and promotions!
- Inviting friends and creating an ethereum mining pool . In such a way, you will be able to obtain from 10% to 50% of all the finneys your friends have earned! You don’t even need an ethereum calculator to understand how profitable this offer is 🎁!
- Playing Hot Slots. You will be able to play outstanding games and improve your skills, obtaining finneys without a break!

We offer you the best ethereum kurs you can find and a chance to enjoy all of the benefits of online mining absolutely for free! Our app is available to players from all corners of the world, so you can take the app with you no matter where you go. Just make sure you have enough time, as our outstanding games and promotions will grab your attention at once 👍🏾!

Give yourself a chance to find out what is ethereum and what outstanding features it has in store! Invite your friends, make finneys together and improve your life for the better simply by making a few clicks! Discover a universe of unlimited opportunities and change your life for the better together with thousands of users from all corners of the world.

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4.0.3 and up
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Latest Ratings

Tom 5
It really works This app is awesome. I just downloaded this today. I've already made a few cents in ethereum. I think I make around $0.02-$0.05 an hour or at least one half or a quarter of a century per hour. This app works. I will eventually save up to do some more complex work in the future. You should really consider downloading this app. It really doesn't require very much effort at all. This app is awesome!!! Have a great day.
Josh 5
THIS APP IS REALLY great!App is really cool, very nice look and i can see that developers really work on it, still reservin 5 stars for payout day, if it go without problems you have 5 stars. I have just one question, i use this app for like 3 days now but just now i noticed that comment in description about rooted devices. I use rooted device will there be some problems at payout or something that i should know?
Top 1
This is a S C A M this is a pure Ad Farm. I screen shot everything and they say I will receive my Ether in my wallet within 72 hours. Its going on a week and I had more than 1000 Finney. Better to build your own mining right if you actually want to get paid. Only a couple games actually pay that are by Blockchain
Ryan 1
It's been 72 Hrs and still doesn't have my ether in my wallet. We'll wait a little more. If it doesn't py out then review will go to the lowest. 28-Nov-2017 Update: its been couple days now and still don't have my ethereum. Don't waste on tjis app. It's usesless. 6-Dec-2017 Update: This app doesn't work. Don't waste your time on this. This should be remove in Google store.
Derek 1
It's been 4 days since I tried to withdraw. Still says it's "ongoing". Judging from some of the other reviews, I'm quickly lose my optimism that this app is legit. Edit: sigh, high hopes, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Edit 2: it's been a week and my withdrawal is still "on going". This isn't a mining pool, it's just an ad farm. Don't bother with it, there are no payouts. Changing to one star. Also, they "pay" for your 5 star review, so don't be mislead by the high number of 5 stars.
Charles 1
THEY DON'T PAY OUT. You're required to collect 1000 finneys before you can withdraw, and when you do they don't pay. Don't waste your time here. It is a shame because otherwise it is easy to use and has a better interface than any other faucet app I've found.
Aaron 5
This miner actually works, I tested it with the scrypt algo on and I merge-mined some tiny amounts of various coins overnight. The one feature that I'd like to see implemented if possible, would be an option to automatically start mining when the phone is connected to the charger and internet, and to stop mining when it's disconnected from either the charger or internet. Then I could just set-and-forget all the mining settings and the phone would only mine when it makes sense. Other than that, great app, great implementation. Thanks!
Cheasequah 1
Climbs slowly so if doing the promotions beware you won't get your points I had signed up with Hulu for 754 Finney I reported that I wasn't credited quick response of how to have it credited followed instructions and nothing happened. No credit no response, I doubt they pay out would've found out today but the 754 fell through!
Gonçalo 1
Avoid. A scam. Completely fake. I have two withdrawals pending and I am pretty sure I won't get them. Save yourself the trouble and uninstall. Do not waste your time. I would, however, recommend STORM PLAY. Already banked twice and holding on the third. Besides, they have a great project (they were just rebranded) which seems pretty promising for the near future. If you think my review was helpful, note this code down and refer me on STORM PLAY: G4BVO9. Thanks!
Khew 1
BIG BIG SCAM ! Totally waste of time. Daily check-in & Gifts didn't work. Withdrawal did not came after more than 72 hours and I believe it will never come. Survey task was done but didn't receive reward for more than a week. No one ever replied any comments on this app. Will change to 5 star once I receive a Real payout.
Im had a ton of finney. Went to log in all were gone. Im not using my time so someone else can steal my money and time. We should be given a special code to be given our finney back. Redownloaded giving another shot. Taking screenshots everyday of my finney total for my proof of earnings. So, the finney I earned is missing again. If anyone wants to form a Class Action Law Suit with a contingentcy Attorney against companies like this please please please hit me up. Enough is enough.

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