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AppsZoom 11/06/13 “A fresh breeze of air in a foul and barren genre as are CCGs.”

148Apps 11/06/13 “Between a varied set of cards, the hand-drawn art style, and neat battle system, there’s a lot to like about Decromancer”

Super Game Droid 11/06/13 “The games gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, a truly captivating storyline, and a highly addictive style of gameplay make Decromancer an absolute must download.”

What would happen if all species were as intelligent as humanity? Find out in Decromancer, the tactical battle card game that puts you at the core of a whirlwind adventure across an epic single player campaign!

Help a friendly Diplomat return to her people by battling your way through enemy territory. Build your deck and find the best formation to earn yourself victory in these troubling times.

▶ Command an army of hand-painted cards, each with their own tactical advantages and special abilities.
▶ Explore a large, beautifully illustrated open world.
▶ Outmaneuver your opponents in deep turn-based combat, requiring forethought and strategy.
▶ Cast powerful spells to turn the tide of battle.
▶ Unlock new cards as you progress to supplement and improve your army.

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cherylynn 5
Excellent This is an Awsome game i love it! Although the glitch with the beast trickster causes healers not to attempt at all makes it harder as well as the glitch were elite necromancer initiates try to heal a anti healed inflicted enemy forever untill it suceeds even on my own turn causing the game to lose order and crash other than that it deserves all praise and is there a second game?
Lucian 5
Devs Great fixes but there are still bugs. The big one is at the general of the arbor troops who gets stuck at the quest and you can finish it (by talking to him) over and over and get free levels. Fix it. And the second one at the arbors again...dunno when but sometimes it beggins to auto attack and shortly after the screen turns cyan and the games freezes like that...pls fix
James 3
Love this game but it needs a lot of work. Solid, interesting game but the bugs make it almost unplayable. Several of the quests don't clear properly so you just have an endless supply of xp and resources (though because of a few balancing issues in the first two areas the game is prohibitively difficult without this) and as you get further into the game it will start freezing when transitioning into/out of battles and the summon screen or refusing to let you move cards when their ability is ready. There is a really interesting and original game here if you can just dig through the graveload of dirt holding it down.
Elise 4
Nice, but... The storyline is awesome and all, but I became stuck at this part of the game, because when I got to the battle with the xeolums(or smth like that) there would be a paradox of such. There is the person who stops healing(X), and I have guys who keeps healing(Y), so when X stops another(Z) from healing, my Y would keep healing until he heals Z. It's hard to explain, but it's safe to say that the battle would continue by itself and when I try to do something(summon) a green screen would come on
museofcipher 3
Good but far too many bugs infinite heal bug crash when failing heals with initiate elite, a.I. bug when you stone back row and wipe out all front cards in challenge fight, memory leaks and map loading time increases later levels
Sayid 1
Nice card game but buggy Gameplay goes extremely lag in the Green Farm map and then. And I got several broken gamesaves, saying wrong hash and a backup one needed to replace. I lost few victory fights. That's horrible.
Lee 3
Another grindfest So buggy I have essentially unlimited money and experience, but getting decent units requires ridiculous amounts of time and grinding. Not terrible, but should be better.
Allen 4
Sorry devs but... I lost two special offers cuz of crashes. Disappointing after all the grinding i did and if you don't have the IRL cash required to buy those units needed to progress. If you have money to waste this game will be more enjoyable and less frustrating.
Ian 1
Pure Pay-to-Win. Difficulty scales up to the point where you have to grind for days to beat a single battle unless you pay money to boost your characters. Some battles are maddening as it's up to chance if you win or not. It's easy to waste spells on a bad random-roll that ruins your whole battle forcing you to walk (or waste mana teleporting) halfway across the map to heal and walk back to try again. Terrible unlocks of classes, as you must fight creatures that are built around defeating you party as it exists when you meet them, and unlocking the very specific characters needed to beat the battles takes money (and a surprisingly large amount unless you are very patient) or grinding for days or weeks. Quests don't scale well, you go from something your level to something much much higher without warning. Good examples are Septa thickets: Prepare to develop new swear words for how lopsided those fights are. Unless you really love this game, I really advise staying away. Many other games are more balanced and less linear. You -will- get frustrated and stuck until you spend a week leveling up only to try again and again. You can do better, avoid this one.
Erez 4
Great system, fun execution Really enjoying this one. Only problems are that a lot of the buttons are too small for a phone, and if you get a call during a battle, the game don't bring you to where you were but resets
kyle 1
Too bad I wanted to like this game. Too many bugs I can't even get past the second battle without a crash or freeze. Then upon restart, back to the first battle since it didn't save. Such a shame


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