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Do you want to become the next youtuber star? Play Now YouTuber Life Tycoon !

Play now Vloggers Life Tycoon ! Our new amazing and challenging game !

Do you want to become the next super youtuber star? Or at least pretend to be? Then this game is for you ! Create videos and share them with your global audience, get views , subscribers and get ready to rule the extensive world of youtube !

In this fantastic youtuber life simulator you can get new subscribers based on the total views of your videos, you can decorate your room, you can travel and get in contact with partners, meet virtual people in social events, upgrade your computer and much much more !

First of all, start by giving a good name to your virtual vlogger channel, then you can follow by creating your first video in one of the following categories:

- Standard Vlog: Create videos about animals, food , music, art or fashion. You can also create videos about general topics as You Laugh you Lose videos, or smash or pass videos,
- Gameplay: Create gameplays related to the last trends, craft games or neighbour style of games
- Travel: In this category you can create videos related to spinners or travel life vlogs

Also in the Vlogs section you will be able to create special videos, Q&A or just a video of a meeting with fans!

Once you have created your first vlog then you will need to edit and publish ! This will lead you to get views , get new subscribers and therefore money !

Published videos also need to be moderated so you will need to read and reviews your fans comments in order to make them happy !

Are you ready to get viral and end up as pewdiepie's being millionaire? as in the real life! tube tycoon is definitely your game!

This game is about youtubers life, Compite with your friends and fight for the highest position in the ranking! will you be the next pewdiepie? In tube tycoon you need to play with strategy, for example invest in videos which the go viral percentage is higher or get new advertising campaign to get more views!

As a recommendation we suggest to do not spend all your budget at one, split in a few videos and be patient! Im sure your next video will go viral! like yosoygerman for example!

This game represent the youtubers life and was inspired in tubers tycoon, a great pc simulator which was promoted by some members as yosoygerman or el rubius. jacksepticeye was also promoting the game in his main channel.

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