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Make Money Rain is now here! No more FBI ! No need to swipe, just click!

"Make Money Rain" is now available! No more FBI function! No need to swipe, just click!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Make Money Rain - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Simple! Easy! Hard! Fun! And too much money!
So, just start clicking and watch your money get more and more! Hundreds, then thousands, the millions, then billions, then lili-billies, mega-billies, and even beyond.

Probably you can start make money with fruit discount, global Business,or Tesla Factory!
Probably you like play financial market,Circus,or Game Station company.
Another amazing thing is you can get offline money from your powerful magic ball to watch the money keep rolling in! And Don’t forget to collect your money in time.

So just click, click your way to be rich.

Its not a stupid game! And let all your friends behind you!
Let’s make it rain!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you have any advices, please let us know, we will make this game better.

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Sezmia 1
It's fun, but bruh. Re-rating: I've gotten rather far in this game. Meaning I like it. It's fun. I love clicker games because I can click extremely fast. Now, that being said. I rate this a one star. My reasoning behind this is that the Leaderboards button makes the game crash. Not only does it make it crash, but since the game doesn't like to auto save, it will set you back every single time. I literally just lost 30 million because of this. You're bound to hit the button due to its placement. Uh. Yeah.
Weng 3
Too many ads Way too many ads which makes it annoying. Also I think there should be more offline earning so I don't need to spend too much time on the game.
Matt 5
Good game.. I like the fact you can tap not swipe..but upgrades are a little high but otherwise great more the power up it as that game u can download to double your earnings rate but didn't work...fix that please
Alfonso 5
Very very addicting and the more monry you get the hard to leave the game It is working perfectly for me there is no lag. Zero. And it doesn't take up that much space in your phone and doesn't drain that much battery
Eric 5
I think this game is amazing. It's such a big step up from the 1st one. The controls are very good and I really like the graphics. I love this game. This game is very simple and easy to play and it's very addictive. When I'm not doing any thing I like to play this game. It's so fun.
Ruchi 1
Worst game which has crossed all levels of uselessness There is no help to understand the game and there is no one from the app to view ur complains and reply to u
Brian 2
Bonus issues Same problem as many others tried to get the double earnings bonus it doesn't give you anything for downloading the game and it won't even open any link to invite people. Can this get sorted.
Brilliant game, but there is a spelling mistake in the Crystal Ball page. It says 'UPGRAD COST' There is a missing E. If this could be fixed, I'd be grateful, amazing game!!
Ancho 3
One problem When i download apps to give me bonuse or rate the game it does not affect the game at all
leiael 3
I love the game but the challenge that I wanted is to get on one of the top richest but its the same bug on 1st game and 2nd game I don't know on the 3rd game that on the scoreboard it stops in 1 number like imagine 1.309.765.264.236 and like there is more then 150 whit the same score I got there and then I can't get any more that's kinda stupid for the game u need to be the richest right....but like the games still 😸😿
Brandyman 1
Until the latest update I was fine. Now I get a black screen with GL verts and GL calls. Please help. I would rate this 5 stars and loved this game until this happened. Please fix this

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