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Description & Details

Rally Racer EVO® is a racing game which contains rally dynamics.

Rally Racer EVO® takes the extremism and competition of rally racing to the next level with legendary and unique game modes. Get your driver license and join the ultimate rally apocalypse.

You will complete 32 license courses in total in order to became a real driver. Moreover you can join over 85 competitive races in Events mode for being the greatest rally racer of all time. Featuring Arena mode for drifting continues to build on the foundations set by the Rally Racer Drift game.

You can join the races with the vehicle of your choice from 17 realistically made super vehicles. including Audi Quattro S1, Subaru Imprezza STI, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI, MG 6R4, Lancia Stratos. There will be upgrade and customization options waiting for you to express your style in many exciting races.

Rally Racer EVO® catches the next-gen graphic and sound technologies. Thanks to the graphic and sound options left for the player, you will experience the game without compromising from performance.

Key Features
*17 rally vehicles with customise and upgrade options.
*12 racing tracks with different athmospheric conditions.
*4 game modes; License, Events, Arena and Training.
* 85 competitive races in 6 racing events for Group B, 2WD, Crossover-SUV and Classic 4WD rally vehicles.(More to coming)
*32 courses for unique License mode.
*Realistic physics with consistent vehicle behaviours and easy to learn game-play.
*Highly optimized Next-Gen graphics and sounds.(Only 62MB)

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
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1000000 - 5000000
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Latest Ratings

Christ 5
Great racing game. Graphics are pre-Dirt 4-like, but the game still needs more work. First off, it's still way too arcadey like the previous Rally Racer games. Secondly, it needs a manual gearbox.Third, the car sometimes steers in a random direction by itself even when I didn't tap in that direction. AND last but not least, the physics need improvements to make the cars steer more realistically. Overall, a good start though
StevenSue 1
Loved the game, decent graphics and gameplay although not that challenging. Why do Devs have to bombard us with so many ads????? We all realize that you make money from it and well done for that guys, but a 30 second video after every race!!! come on, just a short as would suffice I spent more time watching videos than racing. Unfortunately I uninstalled due to amount of videos so well done you....
Akul 2
Seriously the driving physics are so broken. If you reverse the car can reach the top speed like it if was an electric car with 1 gear. Plus the drifting is just rubbish. And why is there so much traction on gravel and dirt? I disabled the assist and i didnt need use my brakes for any corners. This game has a long way to go.
brett 3
Bit disappointed as there is no real challenge.. Car almost doesn't need to be steered and when you come up to the other cars they automatically make room for you to pass and then lose speed.. I'll uninstall and look for a bit more challenging prospect
Doug 1
Game sucks, way too easy, all cars the same except for top speed, 5 or 6 rotating tracks. Waste of your time.
Kristopher 5
This rating is important. 5★ because THIS IS NOT A "Pay to play" game. You can beat the game without having to pay money. Thank you guys this game was dope
christopher 5
Amazing game thanks. Please add rainy weather, put suburban brides the road and some mountanous roads or even the city or industrial area with broken bridge and mud roads and finally the best thing you do is to focus more on graphic because it is important for me to play games with high graphics thanks
It's good I like it more road's must in it to make it nice an some more car's an jeep an humer van an more graphic it kinda blur plz fix an give a good update on the game an I we'll give u more star for that update an nitro in the car's too an more spray paint for the car's an more track an nitro an bdy Kitts an some racing car an more mode like multiplayer mode of line an online that well make it fun an make it be split screen can u do that plaz
Shemar 4
Pretty nice game but would do better with manual gears more tracks, better payment system, more challenges. Been able to easily dominate without much effort. Would like to lose sometimes. Would like to beat my opponent by a fraction of a second etc. Cool game otherwise tho. Look forward to the game being updated. P. S. Would also like rpm and speed gauge
Gergi 4
Very good game. But some cars needs to be more similar to the real model, especially my favorite car the Fiat 131 Abarth it is too far to be like the real model car, precisely the rear side . pls update the car shape . and the game will be very very good to play
Noah 5
It's the best rally game of ever played in my life especially the cars are amazing and if you don't have this game you should download it is like the best game you will ever play

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