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An endless tapping idle game.

Scratch your multi-tasking itch!

Play Idle Balls in front of your favorite show, in a boring class or meeting - without missing the important stuff.

-Free to play
-Endless gameplay and upgrades
-No internet connection needed

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4.1 and up
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1000000 - 5000000
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Latest Ratings

Sara 3
Game is fun but there are just way to many ads. Like you open it up and you can chose to watch and ad to double your idle amount or not and you still get to watch an ad. You open one of the tabs in the game and you get to watch one. Then there are 3 different booster and you have to watch an ad to activate those and one only last 60 second. Then the game will glitch and sometimes you won't have and idle points. The game is fun and I like it but maybe ease up on the ads it's just too much.
Ethan 3
The game is cool but kinda stupid. Because when I'm in the game I don't progress, then when I leave my phone on to progress the game it freezes and deletes all my progress. And this is anoyying because I'm near lvl 100 and it takes 20 minutes to complete each lvl. So when it puts me back like 8 lvls thats hours of progress that I lose. Other than that its a good game.
Darian 2
At first the game was pretty fun. A good time waster if you're into that, but getting hit with ads every time I hit a button? It was fine for getting double rewards, or free boosters, or even when you hit a prestige. However, I JUST loaded it up before putting this review and was hit with literally EIGHT ADS back to back before I closed the game. It's not the first time it's happened over the last week and I'm about to delete the game of it happens again.
Jonathan 1
Been enjoying the game for a while, but now I can't get past the opening screen since the update on 12/11. Uninstalled for now, maybe I'll consider trying again when the devs actually fix it. Edit: It is now 1/3/2018, I have a brand new phone, and the game still doesn't work on this phone or my old phone.
Samantha 2
Was really enjoying it, and actively played it quite a few times a day... Then I got to level 70 for the first time and there are no more balls visible on the screen but the bar says it's only about 75% complete and will not move on to the next level. I tried exiting out and starting it again, force stopped a few times. Nothing. Pretty disappointing.
Kevin 2
Great game, uninstalled for ad spam. watching an ad every time I try to collect, evem if it's only 5 seconds later, is irritating. And why is there an option to watch an ad when collecting from being away for 2x if you're going to throw an ad in my faca anyway?
Diego 2
The game is really nice. But are you crazy with all this ads all the time?! It's almost impossible to play, you do some upgrades, and need to watch an ad. You ruined the game with those ads. You already have ads to boost things, why put more ads everywhere?! You are going to loose a lot of players because of this insane amount of ads.
Ciaran 2
Your most valuable balls always. And I mean always get stuck in a pattern that makes it take forever to get the score down. I'm level 99 with 3 prestige balls and the big damage dealer is stuck in a diagonal corner to corner moment. This also happened when I had only 2 prestige balls. It's obviously built to work this way. So that I can take days to finally move on to a new level. It has made me delete this game. If there was a fix to that. It would be great
Stefan 4
Everyone is complaining about ads. TURN OFF YOUR WI-FI IT SHOWS NO ADS. I like it. Its just, I'm level 200 and there's nothing left to do. Maybe you can release more Prestige Balls. Or make it possible to obtain C currency when you prestige. Just a thought. Cool game.
Pikachu 2
I gave it 2 stars because there is WAY TO MANY ADDS. I would give it 3 stars but when I got to level 31 there were no more balls. If you lower the amount of adds and fix the glitchs/bugs then I will give a 5 star rating
Marquis 5
I was skeptical at first but after a good two days of gameplay. I actually enjoyed it. I have a few 'idle' type games already so this was not really BRAND NEW to me but it is indeed very fun and a great timekiller. [Don't recommend paying for anything]

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