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Walc (beta) gives you directions based on what you see. Join our community and define the most visible local businesses and landmarks. Walc empowers you to explore and discover all cities on foot, making the world a more walkable place.

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Fiona 4
LOVE THE APP and concept, some updates needed This is pure brilliance in concept, exactly what is needed, i am not a compass and never know where north, south, east or west are. However, some outdated landmarks in directions here, need some updates and current info
Paula 1
What's going on??? I gave it 1 star because it is well aware of the names of roads and landmarks. I couldn't give it the other 4 stars because it tells me that it would take 59 minutes to get 4 miles down the road. What's going on??
Miguel 5
great app I like the idea and so far so good.
Henry 4
Great app This would be a 5 stars app if it has the ability to search destinations using GPS coordinates.
Daipan 5
Impressive functionality and UI Heard about this and decided to poke around a bit. I'm impressed with the UI and responsiveness. Not at all like the janky first offerings cluttering the app store, it's quite a mature and elegant experience. The landmarks highlighted are all relevant and well marked from the street level. For a product in "beta", this is a nice first whack! Excited to see what future functionalities will be unlocked.
Beth 5
Perfect for directionally challenged people Google maps will tell you to walk in a direction like east or west, but if I'm traveling to a new city or walk out of the metro and have not oriented myself yet, I love the easy, straightforward guidance this app provides!!!
cc 5
Solves the GPS walking nav problem Google's GPS always has a hard time placing my location on foot, especially in big cities. This app simplifies the directions by giving you landmarks at which to make turns, so you can effectively check off your progress as you perambulate. This cuts the GPS location out of it for the most part. As long as Google can get your starting location, the app can extract landmark data and give you turn by turn based on that instead of literally mirroring your every pace. Some minor bugs. Get it now.
Donovan 5
Great app Amazing concept and application. Even with all these smart phones, they find a way to screw navigation up. This is fixing that problem
Leo 4
It's works pretty good for walking. Need to be able to edit. It wants me to walk along a Freeway feeder road to get to Kroger, that doesn't have a sidewalk. It's a great start.
Nina 5
Must have for walc'ers everywhere! Saves you time and the headache of being lost on foot! Don't walk anywhere without it!
Théo 5
Does its job in a simple and intuitive way. Gave it a try in a city I barely knew, and it seemed promising!

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