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Watchman EVO, is an advanced telephone entry system with live streaming video.

Notice: This application only works with the CellGate Watchman product with streaming video. You NEED to have this hardware AND service with CellGate. This application is designed and intended for the sole use by CellGate Access Control and Monitoring Subscribers.

Watchman EVO, by CellGate, is an advanced telephone entry system with live streaming video that allows monitoring and controlled access to your property from anywhere you are. Utilize the Watchman EVO app to receive video calls and visually confirm and speak with visitors are your door or gate.

Functionality: When a visitor arrives at your property, they can either enter an access code that you created in advance online, just for them, or press a call button. When the call button is pressed a call is made to up to three smart phones simultaneously. When the call is answered, you will have a live video stream of the visitor, be able to talk to them and if desired, press a button to open the gate or door. Note, the use of the Watchman will consume data on your phone.

CellGate Cloud: Whenever the call button is pressed or an access code entered, still pictures are captured from all available cameras and transmitted to the web based portal, along with the access code, so there is a log of every event.

The Watchman EVO system can be installed anywhere cellular coverage is available and has options of internet connection. With this easy to use smart phone application, you can be anywhere and still see who is at your property before letting them in! Experience the convenience and freedom of industry leading access control with Watchman EVO.

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