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Description & Details

Endless dungeons, endless adventures!

“Ever Dungeon : Hunter King“ is a simulation game of dark style and dungeon adventure games.

***Endless dungeons, endless adventures!***

In prehistorical times, man defeated the monsters and sealed them in the dark castle.The power of the seal has weakened as time goes on, and the fear of the devil is coming again.As the savior, you will step into the sealed grounds and started off the journey of  banishing monsters.

Immersive gaming experience
• Random maps give you different feelings
• Rich mission and achievement guide
• You will be addicted to awesome dungeon atmosphere

Unique combat systems
• Plenty of roles and skills are available for you to choose
• The talent system helps you expel the monsters
• Attribute free combination makes you grow up freely

Perfect equipment system
• You can pick up dozens of different looks and suits
• The traditional methods of strengthening, forging and gems-setting are all available to
• Special recast system helps you push the limit

Rich game systems
• Manage the mine to accumulate resources
• Use divination to change your destiny
• Shops have random surprises every day
• Arena’s high ladder challenge, compete with global players!

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4.0.3 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

travis 5
Fun game. Language translation isn't great, but hasn't caused any problems yet. My only complaint so far is not being able to customize my character at all, but that's a complaint I have about a lot of mobile games.
This really isn't that bad of a dungeon crawler. My only complaint is that in between floor 10 & 20 (11 thru 19) there is permadeath unless you really enhance your equip & learn to use your blue shield spell effectively. Basically, it seems every 10th floor is a save spot, so, if you make it, you're ok. The only other thing I don't like is that sometimes your guy will run into a floor trap even if you made off like you stepped around it & sometimes, it seem you really have to line your guy up just so, so he can open chests or grab other stuff. Only other thing would be a better map, but at least I'm glad the dev didn't decide to have a thing where, along with everything else you find, you'd need to replenish your torches too. Last comment, although I beat the titan guardian on ( I think?) floor 18, no key was given so I could open the dumb door. There doesn't seem to be any other 'key' guardians to kill & I'd like to know what goodies are behind that door, plus extra bad guys / monsters. I believe in fully exploring an area and now thanks to a keyless door, I can't, at least not in that one spot.
Cody 5
Create more classes and styles of play, then I'll give 5 stars
Romaine 3
Keep kicking me out the game place can u fit's this problem thank u
Jake 5
Great game in itself. Enjoyable gameplay, good graphics. I like how you actually see the equipment changes. Update: had a bugged purchase and devs went out of their way, during the holidays, to get everything fixed. Great customer service.
Dominick 4
10 lvlvs to save is too high , should be 5 lvls
edgar 1
1 star all around just because it doesn't flip
Jason 5
Very challenging game keeps you interested all the time
Gouranga 3
If you can put some more afford like what level it is when I'm going to come back that's going to save automatic and when I want to go to the dungeon then I can go the same level where I leave that's all
Dave 3
Having to go 10 lvls to save where u are is a bit much but good all around old school dungeon hack n slash
Mateusz 3
Fairly good game but for the love of God, please give all text to native English speakers to fix cos sometimes it's hard to read those. And 3d fighting view unnecessary imo

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