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Push your opponent’s marbles off the board to win.

Discover our new version with brand new graphics inspired by the latest edition of the famous strategy game. Abalone has been one of the best games around for nearly 30 years, known for its hexagonal board and black and white marbles. The goal of this abstract board game is simple: push your opponent’s marbles off the board! But beware, it’s not easy to master, so keep your wits about you and rise to the challenge!


Create a plan of attack to push your opponent’s marbles off the board. On every turn, you can move one space in any direction with 1, 2, or 3 lined-up marbles. When you’re in a Sumito position (that is, when your marbles both outnumber and are in contact with your opponent’s) you can push their marbles out! For example, you need three black marbles to push one or two white marbles. There’s no use in rushing; it’s better to take your time and think of every possibility since one hasty move can put you in a bad position and let victory slip through your fingers.


If you want to win, the key is not to attack, but rather to take specific positions with certain combinations of moves. Just like in chess and checkers, you can try to create traps by sacrificing marbles or strategic positions to block your opponent. The most dangerous contact points are at the edges of the board, where a bad move means losing a marble or the whole game! Sometimes, it’s better to be patient if you want to win!


The keys to victory are looking ahead and analyzing your opponent’s play. Although the game is easy to learn, it requires strategy and thought. To hone your strategic thinking, the game offers several modes that let you review your games play by play. For example, Challenge Mode helps you become a true Abalone master, one move at a time. The challenges get harder as you advance. For example, at first you must push out a single marble only to win a challenge, then two, and the master will get progressively tougher.


Play alone against the computer with Challenge Mode and Free Play Mode, or play against your friends. With Pass & Play Mode, you can duel on the same device! Tired of playing your friends? Face the best players in the world with Online Mode by logging in to your Asmodee account!

• Solo:
- 3 levels of difficulty against the AI (Easy, Medium, Hard)
- A solo campaign with unique challenges
- A game mode that lets you create your own game, your own rules, and place the first marbles
• Multiplayer:
- Pass & Play Mode
- Online Mode

To find more information about Asmodee Digital, please go to http://www.asmodee-digital.com

Having an issue? Looking for support? Please contact us: https://asmodee.helpshift.com/a/abalone/

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• Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

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Latest Ratings

Laurent 1
v2 is so so so disappointing, previous rankings are lost, graphics are average, "quick game" start layout is gone, there is noone on v2 platform, good luck finding someone to play against in those weird layouts! The chat is a joke. I wish I could go back play v1 it only takes like 10sec to match you with a player
Mirrani 5
Great for travel! We love this game at home and now we can take it with us everywhere we go without having to worry about a marble getting away! It also is a teacher of strategy, which I love. Only problem is I can't use the replay button or the one that moves me forward along my path, I have to go back to the main menu and pick all the levels again. There is no where to report this that I have found in game, so I put it here. Even though it is frustrating, it is so worth it.
Mike 2
Hangs unexpectedly & you lose Great teaching aid but you won't climb the ratings ladder fast on a Galaxy S7: it hangs unexpectedly saying you're not connected to the network even if you're only on mobile. Tells you to reconnect but it's hung so you can't. It then times out and YOU lose! SO frustrating. On the other hand I got tons of points when one of my opponents who is apparently higher rank than I lost right out the gate and wasn't even allowed to make his first move. So sad... Abalone is a great game.
Ionut 4
Would be very useful in network game to check the ranking of the opponent before beginning the game. Tends to become frustrating when playing 2-3 times against only top100 and losing badly. Or at least randomize the players on similar level of experience.
Chris 2
Interface is terribly unresponsive resulting in every move taking about 6 swipes. Using a Galaxy S7, with no such problems in other apps. Paid version too, disappointed.
Chris 4
Fun game. I'm enjoying playing through the challenges to get the hang of the game. Gameplay is great, but some of the navigation within the app seems to be glitchy. I'd probably rate it 5 stars if the menu navigation issues were fixed.
Dinesh 3
Great port to android. However I lost all my progress when I changed phones. Isnt it connected to google play? Please fix.
Mihai 4
One big problem I played the game on one phone up to War level and when I changed it , it started from the begining .How can I fix the problem?
Ila 1
Please add older purchases to family library. We supported you back then. Now show some appreciation. Thanks.
Kachiza 5
Awesome. As good as the real thing, only u can't lose the marbles on this one! :)
ahmed 3
When you press (next level) it does not go to the next and the restart level is not working


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