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Everything you need to know for a Healthy Heart - delivered to your fingertips.

When you spend and download the Well at Heart app for your health you will be contributing towards saving a child who cannot afford cardiac surgery.

Internet is pulverized with information on health. Through Well@Heart App we will take you through an educative journey by providing information on good health at your fingertips.

Cardiovascular diseases have progressed at a faster rate than communicable diseases over the past few years. One can blame determinants such as globalization and urbanization and their perceived fall-outs such as diabetes, hypertension, and smoking for the progression of CVDs, but let’s not forget that there are also several other risk factors such as lifestyle, diet, obesity, and of course the most serious and silent killer of them all- STRESS

Through Well at Heart we aim to achieve a complete integration of the body, mind and the spirit. It is a platform which provides state of the art products such Life Phone Plus, the world’s first cardio-diabetic wellness monitoring system and other carefully curated preventive healthcare products available to its users.

Where the proactive approach to wellness takes care of the mind and the body, Well at Heart also ensures the integration of spirit into the approach. In this day and age of technology, there is one thing that transcends it all- Human empathy towards helplessness and hopelessness.

It is disturbing to note that every year about 1,50,000 children are born with heart diseases, of which a mere 20,000 to 25,000 get treated. The remaining children lose their lives only because their parents are unable to afford treatment.

An amalgamation of technology and human empathy has given birth to Well at Heart Mobile App. A large chunk of profits will be channelized into helping people who cannot afford cardiac surgeries..

Your proactive approach to preventive healthcare makes also you a proactive benefactor of a cause- one that saves lives of people who would otherwise succumb not just to the disease, but also to its unaffordable treatment options.

Also, Get a preview into the World's First Cardio - Diabetic Wellness Monitoring Device designed by BPL Medical Technologies which can be used for the entire family. Known as BPL Lifephone+, the mHealth technology consists of a hand-held cardio-diabetic wellness monitoring device with cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) and 24/7 m-consult services integrated into it. It measures 12 lead ECG & heart rate in 48 seconds, blood glucose in five seconds and monitors physical activity through an intelligent built-in pedometer. The device provides an option to have a back-up doctor in case the primary doctor isn't available. This novel hand-held device can be used on an Android smartphone and weighs only 70gm. Secured cloud-based medical record storage with 99.99% server uptime is guaranteed, The device pairs with android smartphone/tablet through Bluetooth and there is an APP running on the android smartphone/tablet that provides a visual guide to right placement of ECG electrodes on the patient body. In 4 sequential steps, the device acquires 12 lead ECG and sends it to the app & from the app, the data is saved to the cloud and can be sent to the doctor for consultation. Similarly, the device has an inbuilt glucometer which measures blood sugar using blood glucose strips & the measured blood sugar recording is sent via Bluetooth to the app and from the app saved to cloud and sent to doctor for consultation.

BPL LifePhone+ has recently won the prestigious ‘IoT Next 2015 ‘ award, ‘UBM Medica – CIMS Healthcare Excellence Awards for medical technology innovation 2015’, ‘South Asia E-Health summit award 2014’ , ‘Healthcare Leadership award 2015’ and ‘Most innovative medical product award 2015’ & 2015 “Health & Wellness India Award’.

You can buy BPL LifePhone+ on Wellatheart.

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