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Description & Details

Track-A-Pitch is the premier pitch tracking and pitch count app for Android!

With Tommy John surgery on the rise for youth pitchers, it is of the utmost importance that arm overuse is kept to a minimum. Track-A-Pitch, which focuses solely on pitching data, is a coaches dream. While providing users with pitchers recommended days of rest based on pitching guidelines set by MLB's PitchSmart organization, this app tracks 26 pitching statistics. For a mere $0.99 this app can aid in preventing arm overuse.

Parents, players, coaches, scouts and tournament directors can use this app to track pitcher's data for games, bullpen sessions and even something as small as back yard pitching sessions with mom and dad. The data tracked can be stored on the cloud or emailed directly to users.

Statistics that are tracked:

Batters Faced (BF)
Earned Run Avg (ERA)
Earned Runs Allowed (ER)
Flyball % (Fly%)
Groundball % (GB%)
Hit by Pitch (HBP)
Hits (H)
First Pitch Strike (FPS)
First Pitch Strike% (FPS%)
Innings Pitched (IP)
Line Drive %
Opposing team batting avg
Change up
Breaking Ball
PickOff Attempt (PO)
Pitches Per Inning
Strike Percentage (ST%)
Strikeouts (K)
Balls (B)
Total Pitches (TP)
Strikes (ST)
Walks (BB)
Walks & Hits Per Inning (WHIP)
Walks Per Inning

Helpful Tips

• While tracking pitching data, don't forget to update your Batters Faced (BF). That's a major component in the statistical data.
• If you have an intermittent out (ie. interference), don't forget to click the plus button on IP/Out.
• If you have a First Pitch Strike (FPS), don't forget to click the plus on it.

We also track Pickoff Attempts (PO). Though we know those aren't actual pitch count totals and are not added to the pitch count in our app, those are stressful throws at times and have the same arm motion.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@trackapitchapp). Please feel free to leave your comments, likes and more importantly dislikes. Dislikes will give us ideas for improvement.

If you need any assistance or experience issues please email us at

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Latest Ratings

Adrienne 5
This app is extremely user friendly especially when all you need to do is keep pitching stats.... no need to score or make up an entire game scenario.
Gary 5
App performs well for parents and coaches who need to keep track of pitching data and recommended days of rest for players.
Kimberly 5
This app has great perks to keep up with your player's stats. Very easy to manage as well!!

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