Blackjack Legends: 21 Online Multiplayer Casino

Blackjack Legends: 21 Online Multiplayer Casino








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Description & Details

Become a legend, compete in global tournaments, and win big!

Join the world’s most popular Blackjack Game and play live with real players!

Forget all you know about Blackjack and other multiplayer strategy games. Blackjack Legends is the most competitive and addicting game out there! The adrenaline rush of beating live players from around the world while mastering your kills is simply unbeatable. Think you’re the King of Vegas? Join our community of online Blackjack players and get started today!

Special Features
Play for Free – Free chips every 4 hours and all features are totally free.
Online Multiplayer Tournament – Compete with countless elite Blackjack players around the world. Is your strategy the best?
Unlock All 12 Locations – Level up to unlock high stakes tables from Vegas casinos to Rio.
Continuous Play – Start playing Blackjack on your phone, then continue playing on your tablet.
Facebook Connect Bonus – Pad your bankroll with $15,000 additional chips when you connect your account to Facebook!

How to Play
Blackjack Legends is a multiplayer Blackjack game, where 3 competitors have 6 rounds to win the most chips. It’s that simple! Adapt your strategy to not just beat the dealer, but outplay the players next to you as well.

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Android Version
4.4 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 12+
Installs (Google)
10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Erin 5
DO NOT BUY CHIPS, so many glitches, they were so kind the first time I reported the servers going down they reimbursed me maybe a quarter of what I lost, no biggy, every game has glitches sometimes. Once that was supposedly fixed another started, it would quit mid game and say you are inactive. This is AFTER I BOUGHT CHIPS. lost a ton! Now it's error before it even connects to the game, they still take the chips! I have reported EVERY TIME I lost chips, never heard back after the first somewhat reimbursement... moral of the story... DO NOT SPEND MONEY, THEY WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK NOR CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT!
shoaib 1
Please fix your game, every time it says 'disconnected from server' and game exits. I play many online games and never had this error.
Brad 1
Fix your freaking servers! I know it's not on my end cause it happens on both wifi and data. At least I'm only losing free chips. Game has a lot of potential, but until their servers are fixed, they won't get a dime from me! 2/28 -- update is no better! Try again/cancel if wont connect is GARBAGE!! If you hit cancel, chips are taken anyway! FIX YOUR GAME IF YOU EXPECT PEOPLE TO BUY CHIPS!!
Gary 1
Losing chips because you retards don't know how to run a server. Game is constantly glitching causing me to lose buy ins. Nearly every review people are saying the same thing. Why are you to God damn lazy to fix it ? Telling everybody not to download this.
Joe 2
No support ....extraordinary dealer first hands....charging bought chips to buy into games that disconnect you before you can play though still charging buy in....very disappointing
Michael 1
After losing about 2 out of 3 games due to connection issues or losing an entry fee because of connection issues, I am done. Close to 3 million lost in two days.
Kami 5
It would be nice to have explanation for the symbols located by your name. There are some glitches that could be fixed.
Wild 5
So fun and addicting I love blackjack 1 month to go till can play the real thing at a casino this game is great practice
Louise 3
You really need to fix this game certain players trip up the game by being idle and u get kicked out one of the users name is "Taz". These people should be kicked out permanently it's not fair to other players . You lose chips as well
Andrew 3
Only flaw is that I was timed out once and lost the hand and went back in and played and lost because a player kept hitting blackjack on 2k and then got 2k extra after each blackjack? Is this possible??
Darnell 5
Just downloaded this game and I'm not going to stop till I go to sleep it is very interesting than eager and gives you extra skills picking up on the real 21

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