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Win CSGO Cases & Skins. Cool AWP & Asiimov skins. No simulator - only real drop.

The Best app for all CS:GO fans.

If you are fond of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game and want to play with nice Skins - DailySkins app is created for you.

You may win any skins for your favorite weapon, knives and containers for FREE. Just choose your case and open it.

No competition - only you and cases.

How it works:
◆ Install DailySkins
◆ Get daily points
◆ Open cases
◆ Win your skin and open new cases!
◆ Want to get more points - Invite friends and ask them to put your Referral Code
(Lifehack: put your Code in app reviews)

Legal Disclaimer:
This app is not created, sponsored or endorsed by Valve Corporation. This app is not an official app or connected to the game's developer or publisher. All of the in-game imagery, launcher icon and name are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation, and usage for this app falls under fair use guidelines. This app is intended purely for the love of the game and aid further skill development and exploration of the game.

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Mario 1
I bought points with all my google play balance, opened cases, got some decent stuff... It said pending, aka gonna send in a hour, it didn't I was on my phone stayin up for 2 hrs, i fell asleep, i wake up and it says i got a notification for it! This was about 7 hrs after the time!! And they say they can't resend it, what a scam!
Mason 1
This app is a huge scam. You'll never get anything good. I'm level 11 and have had this app for over 5 months. Over this time period I opened over 32 cases and only got 7 skins and one case. I spent a total of probably 15k points. The only skins you get are cheap, mil-spec, and for guns not used a lot. When you first get the app you'll almost always get loot but after a while everything you open gives you points or nothing. Points can't be used to purchase skins or buy anything. There isn't a provably fair or percentage for drops. Everything is rigged and you can't get anything good. Terrible app
Travis 1
Stupid. I spent 5 bucks and 3 of them were points then i got 4 or 5 skins and 3 of them wouldnt go through so you just lose out if you dont claim within 4 hours... How stupid is that.
Alan 4
Im level 16...... ..Okay so this app is great after a few months i have gotten 20+ skins including 2 m4a1s flashbacks. A awp phobos 57 copper galaxy and famas teardown . so if you think your not getting anything your unlucky oh and a chroma case key although i missed it but if you miss it its on us not the app so stop your whinning
Richard 1
Waste of time, offers arent good and most of the time you will not get skins but points or "Whooops its an empty case! Bad luck!" There are better apps, dont waste your time and money here.
Genos 5
I like that it gives free skin but can you extend/increase the time to accept the trade offer. I already missed 2 skn because i was sleeping when it said its ready. And sometimes the system overloaded thing takes too long and its random. I hope you extend it or maybe give a date or expected time for the trade to be ready. Please leave likes so that this message can be seen thanks.
Ip 1
In 8 openings got only 1 skin which is worth 3ct. You complete ads for them that are worth much more and in return you get nothing. SCAM! LIKE THIS SO OTHERS CAN SEE!
Sagar 1
Fake app.I opened 12 cases in it and it either gives points in them or it turns out to be empty. Didn't even get a single skin.A total waste of time .
Shouvik 5
Cool app. I never bought coins so I don't have much idea upon the big cases. The small ones that you can get free of cost by earning coins are worth trying your luck. But I'll say that this app must give free give aways and jackpot skin.
Th3Unb0und 4
Enjoyable for it's free skins however, the skin to points ratio really hinders my liking towards the app, don't get me wrong, still good for the skins but... I had opened at least 6 cases in the app and only got a cs go case from one of the crates I opened in the app...
ezkicker 2
I mean its okay, you can win but its rigged so you only get crappy skins. Some cases are also rigged like a few cases say awp only yet they sneak things in like ssg's and keys so i personally dont like the app because its rigged but if you want cheap bad skins then i guess its for you

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