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Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm (By Metamoki Inc) - IOS/Android Gameplay

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Follow in Wiz Khalifa’s footsteps as you build a weed empire from the ground up.

To be the greatest, you gotta learn from the greatest. In the post-prohibition world of weed farming, elevated entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa teaches you how to plant, grow, and harvest the finest herb on earth in this epic new game.

Follow in Wiz Khalifa’s footsteps as you build your own weed empire from the ground up.

- Tap to plant and grow quality kush for your clients
- Swipe to get your weed to market and get your paper up
- Invest your profits to expand your grow operation
- Boost your harvest with hydroponics and LED grow lights
- Find friends on Facebook and grow the best buds with your best buds
- Level up to unlock accessories and rare mystery strains

Please note that Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for purchase using real money.

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Traci 5
Amazing game, needs more themes for the grow area though and theres a glitch where you double the coins, the video wont load so i close the game and re open it. When i do so it shows the doubled value with the option to double again, and again the process can be repeated. This has amazing potential, But im really curious about how much Wiz is involved with this project, hmu i have plenty of ideas to make this game amazing--- love the new strains and goals btw! Keep up the amazing progress
Gary 4
Its not to bad if you can handle watching all the full length commercials to earn your gems. The Facebook option sucks,,,,, and its a waist of a good bong and couch .........Not everbody wants to be on facebook to achieve higher levels in a game. Maybe create a lounge area where you can kick back smoke a doobie and socialize with other game players.
Triceton 5
I'm killing this games in two days I got to level 40. The strains are accurate with the reviews as well. Great game love the challenges. Played first tournament and won by over 1000. Hard work pays off just like real growing
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU ENJOY WATCHING ADS !!!Another potentially great game ruined by ads. not even a minute in the game and it tells me I need to watch ads. watching ads should be optional in all games and not forced upon your clients by making the game too hard to play without watching the ads. I don't get why game developers can't just make a great game you want to make purchases in. ads generate revenue for the game developers. let's not get them rich off of terrible IN game ads. Hempire is a great weed growing game. check it out n u will not be dissatisfied as you will be playing this garbage.
cynthia 5
Great game. The only thing I don't like is when you get jars there are too many duplicate pieces but other than that awesome game
Chanel 1
The glitches with the adds r making me lose loads of money! Uninstalled it and re installed it and lost everything including all the gems I paid money 4!!! Ready 2 delete game 4 good!
Michael 1
Unbelievable.. We're trying to prevent underage drug use and drug use in general, not condone it. This isn't acceptable.
Lucy 5
Great game but it's now lacking locations ect and been playing for nearly a year...maybe we get our own little bit of land and buy special "your own yard" Cash. Then do up ur pad and garden to ur own liking. Show off trophies get a showroom/case..cars/bikes/boats/statues/bling..live in a mansion/mountains/forest/desert jus something to show of our SUCCESS!! and WEALTH!! and HIGHNESS!!
Beatern 5
Alright, game's hard until you figure out the trick. But I'm not here to complain about difficulty, the new update brought me 2 very annoying bugs. The first one which doesn't happen as often is sometimes when I launch the game it will just become this white screen with black layouts of the plants. Second bug is which happens a lot more (always) is after watching an ad (for anything) and when I finish watching the ad the game music and sound effects just stop working for some reason. Will change rating to 5 when fixed. For the rest, great game. Edit: New update fixed everything, thanks and cheers.
Android 2
Got boring VERY fast. Was fun for about 3 days. Eventually there's no point in playing anymore. I have bb money which is the highest level and there's nothing to do.
Alley 5
Great game. I got it because of an ad from another game and I'm glad I did. I am addicted to this game lol.

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