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By Wizard Games Incorporated Category Action - Survival Shooter | Action Game by Wizard Games Incorporated | Android Gameplay HD

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FIGHT for the top position in this blocky io online survival PVP shooting game!

FIGHT for the top position in this blocky .io style online survival shooter game!

Race to collect XP and level-up as quickly as possible to gain an edge on the competition. Select powerful upgrades with each level-up and follow the arrow to the top player to blow him away! Choose your upgrades wisely, fight well and dominate the battlegrounds! Make the journey from player unknown to king of the hill as you fight for survival!

• Fun shooter .io game action where you battle your way to the top.
• Upgrade your character and their gun as you level up on the battlegrounds.
• Battle online in multiplayer mode or in offline mode against fun AI enemies.
• Plenty of customizable and funny characters to unlock.
• Fun pixel like block style graphics.
• Super fun, easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.

*** Battle Royale ***
This ain't no rock, paper, scissors! This is gun, gun and bigger gun! As you hit the blocky battlegrounds you start as a player unknown. You must search and collect Experience Points shooting your way through any resistance. Collected experience points will earn you upgrades and perks. Follow the arrow to the top player and blow him away to become king of the hill. Rise to the top of the 'pixel pile' in this .io battle royale!

*** Online / Offline ***
Jump into an online .io game and fight unknown players or friends in multiplayer. Or hit the offline battlegrounds and go toe to toe with fun and clever computer AI players. Large maps and high player count makes for an epic multiplayer experience.

*** Funny Character Unlocks ***
Over 100 awesome blocky character unlocks! Mix and match any head with any body creating wacky and unique looks.

*** Fun, Simple Block Style ***
Each particle, pixel and block is lovingly crafted to make the color and fun of the battlegrounds really pop.

Grab your gun, find XP, follow the arrow to the top player and FIGHT for the top position in this blocky battle royale!

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Latest Ratings

Android 4
Needs improvement in smooth gameplay. My only problem is.. that one day I was playing it and my android said battery low after I clicked Ok,fine button the game showed GAME OVER please fix it xp should be gained more like it happened in offline against ai needs improvement really
jeremyweck 1
Very bad game. Spend half your time walking into walls while people kill you. Matched with people 20 levels ahead of you and the benefit of getting killed in 5 seconds is being treated to non stop ads. Don't waste your time and definitely not any money.
Savage 3
Really fun game and entertaining. Only problem is the game throws you into a match with people impossible to beat so you're basically not going to win, and there's groups of people who help each other become stronger and invincible.
Michelle 1
THIS GAME SUCKS! I don't even know where I'm shooting because there's no like... laser to tell where your shooting!! I'll rate it 5 stars if you add that :/.
Crystal 4
It's a great game if you love iOS it's a definite must play. The only beef is the matchmaking which tends to be very lopsided, but I got quick response to my email and it's supposed to be fixed soon. Check it out!
Rich 3
Game needs alot of balancing, pubstompers are the big problem keeping you from leveling up because that one player who is in first place can kill you in 2 seconds and theres no way to counter or flee because he haves that annoying power up that slows you down. Its very frustating and some balancing need to be made.
Just 4
This is a fun game but two problems. One is it just throws you into a room with someone or several people that have 5k plus power and expect you to survive and second when you go to do anything else in the game like turn up the brightness on your phone, even if you're still in the game, it kills you game for no reason. I was about 15k power over everyone else too... so much for getting that leader board.
natanan 5
Its game is great at design to start with 4 health slot and upgrade by collecting multiplier , kill other players.BTW I see something YOU MUST FIX IT.IT IS player speed when higher level(kill with many score such as 36329 point) I see that its movement too slow to do anything even collect point and coins it took 3-5 seconds to go there... . Of course not all players enjoy it moving too slow with my high score and killed by starter !!! No no no no no it shan't be like this.
Deena 5
At first I thought it was boring when I seen just the pictures but soon as I got into the game I play for like the attire day it so amazing and to I have a question can you add assault rifles
Brandon 4
I love this game but I wish that we could choose to start a new online match and wait for all new players to join instead of starting with high level characters.
Dang 5
Spawn killing or getting killed in the first minute kinda ruins it

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