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Letter brain and characters craft into unique words

" Word Puzzle - Letter brain" is a puzzle for brain damage for high IQ genius!
" Word Puzzle - Letter brain" starts at an easy level, but is challenged in ascending order according to difficulty levels.
" Word Puzzle - Letter brain" brainstorms your brain by pressing and tapping the letters on the touch screen to sort the words into a meaningful word.
"Word Puzzle - Letter brain" is available in all language levels playing in different difficulty levels and in different languages.
- Think carefully before each level of play (Easy => Medium => Challenging) and conquer brain damage challenges to the last level of difficulty and keep your brain in the best state. !
- Even the most intelligent word game enthusiasts will still be a real big challenge.
- To complete your challenge in this game is the process of performing character matching to make a meaningful word to the language you need to play.
(*) Game Meaning and Game Condition:
- The device must be connected to the internet.
- Matching independent characters into one meaningful word.
- Added score after each level.
- Players can share the results of the game through the social network that they love to Fan fans.
- The game has 3 levels (Easy => Medium => Difficult) and each level has 20 levels increased by the difficulty of the game.

(*) Game functions and gameplay:
- Because of the challenge of brain damage, we divided the game into 3 levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard).
- Players must pass each level to be allowed to open the next level (D => Medium => Difficult)

(*) Level classification:
In each level of play, each level will have 20 levels with difficulty leveling up to level.
- Players must pass each level (level) will be opened next game.
- After playing 20 levels of each level will be opened next level.

(*) Difficulty under conditions (Easy => Medium => Difficult):
- The degree of difficulty increases with the number of letters of the word that need to be sorted.
- The number of letters of a word need to be sorted correctly from 2 to 5 letters
- Average: The number of letters of a word need to be sorted from 6-> 9 letters.
- Difficult: The number of letters of a word need to be sorted from 10-> 12 letters.
- Super hard: the letters of a word must be order as 12 digits or more.

(*) Time limit:
- The higher the level of play, the shorter the playing time will be depending on the number of letters of the brain damage.
- Pass a screen to get 1 point
- Each level of winning is increased by 1 point and the next level.
- Each loss screen will be subtracted 1 point and not open the next screen.
- All screens have time limits, when the players time to answer but not answered correctly, will be counted as wrong answer (to lose and will be deducted 1 point)
- Each game is accumulated up to 5 times.
- When the number of turns to 0 => Over Game.
- Winning all 20 games, the system stores the highest score of each level in the play history high score.
- Once opened for the player, the player can play multiple times to save the highest score on the history of the game.
(*) Bonus and penalty regime:
- Only the first time in a day will be added 5 turns.
- The player loses 1 point and is not allowed to open the next level.
- Play is the process of sorting words incorrectly or wrongly or beyond the allowed time of a game.
The brain damage map was created by a team of professional educational game developers.
License request for "Word Puzzle - Letter brain" game: INTERNET - the right to distribute advertising and support the work of the game
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