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Solve games, get bonus every 30 minutes on satoshi.

Crypto-currencies have become increasingly popular in these years. But it is not always possible to get into this new universe with few resources at hand.
In order to facilitate entry into this new market, the Ex Faucets - Fast Bitcoin application was created.

It comes with simple methods, such as solving arithmetic problems, for a person to quickly get their crypto-currencies.
You do not need in-depth knowledge in the market or keep track of graphs that change from minute to minute.

Using Ex Faucets - Fast Bitcoin daily you can maximize your bonuses by using the withdrawals feature every 30 minutes.

Due to rapid changes in crypto-currency values, the Ex Faucets - Fast Bitcoin application has its own internal currency. This currency, called Wbits, has its value adjusted according to the market indexes, thus facilitating the administration of these resources by people.

Like the current crypto-currencies, it is represented by 8 decimal places, or better exemplified, 1 Wbit is equivalent to 1.00000000 ...

Upon reaching the amount of 0.00060000 Wbits, you can make a withdrawal. This serve is done, for the moment, converting Wbits into satoshis.

A satoshi is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin (most famous type of crypto-currency), usually used for small transactions.

With these satoshis, you can make transfers to your registered account on portfolio management sites such as COINBASE and XAPO.

In the future, more managers and crypto-currencies will be added for withdrawals.

The quotation of Wbits in satoshis is located in the information menu of the application Ex Faucets - Fast Bitcoin.


- To use the application you need to be connected to the internet;
- To make withdrawals is necessary to have account in COINBASE or XAPO (soon more managers);
- Altering your application's functioning, in any way, may result in termination of your account and loss of Wbits that have not yet been converted.
- We do not have partnerships to carry out or intermediary withdrawals.
- The application is for your personal experience, do not share your login or use of other people. You can be banned for this.


Make sure the use of crypto-currencies is legal in your country before downloading or using the Ex Faucets - Fast Bitcoin. By using and downloading Ex Faucets - Fast Bitcoin, you agree that you are solely responsible for any legal problems you may have in your region. We are not responsible for such problems.


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Latest Ratings

Satch 5
Even though it gave off little satoshi at this time, I still love it given that they really pay off unlike those scam dev that bait us to their useless app with tons of advertisements. Kudos to the dev of this app! Hope you help more out and improve it! 😍 If I can, I'll gibe this 10/5 ★
RJ 1
Changing my review from 5 stars to 1 star. This is still a legit faucet that pays fast. But due to the recent update that significantly lowered the rewards from 1300 wbits to 390 wbits is a deal breaker. Earning only 4 satoshis or should i say fractions of a cent every 30 minutes is a waste of time. There are many other btc faucets out there that lets you earn at least 15 satoshis every 15 minutes. Not worth using this at the moment.
Vincent 4
The UI is a little clunky. And is not always accurate for the times in the "games" section. Payout is fast though and a really low threshold too.
mohammad 5
This is a legit app and really pays but has some technical issue specially about pushing notification is never removes and also they decrised pay points last week
michael 2
this app is ok .. but sadly it does not support coins.ph as my wallet.. i dont want xapo or coinbase..
Peewee 3
Its legitimate, but due to update. You reduce the claim too much. From 1300wbits to 390wbits. 250wbits to 75wbits. But the minimum payout is still the same. Its really hard to earn it than before.
Igor 4
Valid app, that really pays. But image validation is really annoying!
Johnnie 5
There are so many apps that are either straight out scams, or are very dishonest but not these guys. This is the simplest way to get bitcoin I have cashed out with no problems. Also for the few complaining that you get a small amount, think of it like everyone invested in bitcoin (everyone's hoping that price continues to go up) some say $100,000 some say $1,000,000, well what you are saying is so small now want be so small if bitcoin does go that high now will it. Thanks bunches to the makers of this app great work guys please keep it up. You are by far the all around best crypto app I have tried.
Tim 4
Legitimate app! Paid out after reaching 60,000 wbit which is worth about $0.05 in a Coinbase account. Thanks! Please fix the timer on the extras.
There was a problem with payout and I emailed support and they corrected and I got paid!
pappujan09 5
It's lesser earning than previous versions I'll increase stars after update to earning increases, otherwise after too long time I'll uninstall it

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