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Use gestures to navigate Android. Replace buttons with swipe gesture controls!

Jealous of the cool new gesture navigation features on newer phones?
With Navigation Gestures, you don't have to buy a new phone or wait for the next Android update to get swipe gesture controls. Navigation Gestures brings swipe gestures to any Android device! Replace the navigation bar buttons and get gesture controls with Navigation Gestures!

Best of all, Navigation Gestures can completely hide the stock navigation bar
without root! This is the only gesture control app with this feature.

Swipe left, right, up, or down. Swipe up and hold. Tap. Double tap. Long press. Go crazy and split the pill in 3! There's a lot of ways you can use the gesture bar to control your phone. Don’t like how the gesture pill looks? Customize it!

Here's everything you can do:



- Single tap
- Double tap
- Tap and hold (long press)


- Swipe up and hold
- Swipe left
- Swipe left and hold
- Swipe right
- Swipe right and hold
- Swipe up
- Swipe down

Split Pill

- Swipe up from left
- Swipe up and hold from left
- Swipe up from center
- Swipe up and hold from center
- Swipe up from right
- Swipe up and hold from right



- Home
- Back
- Recent apps
- Toggle split-screen (Android Nougat+)
- Open previous app (Android Nougat+)
- Open Assistant
- Hide pill


- Pull down notifications
- Pull down quick settings
- Open power menu
- Skip to previous media track
- Skip to next media track
- Play/pause current media track
- Show keyboard switch dialog
- Launch app
- Lock screen
- Take screenshot

Appearance (all free)

- Customize pill color
- Customize pill transparency
- Customize pill border color
- Customize pill corner radius
- Customize pill width/height
- Customize pill X/Y position

Behavior (all free)

- Blacklist pill/show nav bar in selected apps
- Customize sensitivity
- Customize vibration duration
- Customize animation duration
- Automatically hide pill after delay

Please visit this page for more details on the latest release and to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Check out the official XDA forum thread to leave feedback, or send us an email at the address listed below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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