iTrance - LIVE Trance Music Radio ! (2018)

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LIVE Trance Music / ChillStep / House / DeepHouse RADIO ! 🔥 👽 (Trance Radio)


Trance Music defined 🙈
Trance music is a form of electronic dance music (EDM) characterized by hypnotic rhythms and sounds😵
with the aim of helping you reach a heightened consciousness.

🕉️ Psychedelic trance (often referred to as psy trance)🕉️
is a form of trance music, developed in the late 1990's. Trance has a fast beat, in the range 125 to 150 beats per minute (bpm), compared to ambient trance music and other forms like house and techno. It has a strong bass sound that beats continuously without change and is overlaid by many other rhythms. This type of trance is popular in the UK, but is a truly global phenomenon, and interestingly there is an underrepresentation of American artists, although Israeli artists are well represented.

It is characterized by song tempo ranging generally between 128 and 142 beats per minute (BPM). It has a musical form that builds tension and sonic elements till it reaches its climax, peaks or drops. Generally, a typical trance track has 1 to 2 “drops”.
🕉️ ✝️ 🔯 ☪️

A characteristic feature of most trance music is a “breakdown” with only the melody and atmospheric or hypnotic elements, which builds up for a substantial period.
Let us listen to a track because it is better than describing it with a thousand words.

✔️Trance has developed into a genre of its own since the 90s.✔️

Since then, it has branched out into various equally mesmerising sub genres.

Here is a breakdown of the major sub genres of trance. For the sake of keeping this post more.

🌈 Dream Trance – Very melodic, soothing piano riffs

🎉 Electrotrance / Trouse – Electro house beats and bass patterns

⚡ 😱 Progressive Trance – Focuses on the progressive buildup of the track

👾 Tech Trance – Fusion of techno and trance. Focuses on beats and percussions

😵 Uplifting Trance – Gives you the epic feeling, focus on the atmospheric elements.

🏖️ Vocal Trance – Involves a male or female singer

👽 Psychedelic Trance – Focuses on bassline and evolving hypnotic sounds. Thought to make you see the truth of life.

🎃 Hard Trance – Aggressive sonic elements and tough beats.

🌩️ Balearic Trance – Melodic, mellow, influenced by the beach.

🌝 Eurotrance – The cheesy and commercialised version of trance

🎻⛱️ Chillout Trance – Primarily used as a sleeping / relaxation aid

📀 Big Room Trance – a fusion of commercial EDM and trance music

In this day and age, it is still one of the most popular underground dance music.
Let’s explore some of the reasons it has remained relevant even till this day.

Why people like Trance music ? 😱

Very often when you ask real trance music lovers, they will tell you that it is not just music, but it is a feeling and a lifestyle. Here is one such person!

Trance is not just any other music, it is music created with a lot of emotions. Just check out the lyrics of Above & Beyond’s “Lonely Girl”.

Another reason is because of the lifestyle aspect of it. Real trance fans are some of the most unpretentious people you will find on the planet. They are friendly, they look out for one another during events and there is a genuine chemistry between people when they all get connected to the same music in the club. The slang word PLUR (which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) is synonymous with the trance crowd. They are also one of the most fiercely loyal fans in the world, hence the term, Trance Family. If you do not believe me, you can believe this global media giant.

A more practical reason is because the music is fast and energetic. Which serves as a good workout or wake up music in the morning. The reverse is true with Chillout Trance, as it helps to wind down your day. It is a fairly versatile music genre and can fit in many people’s life.

💯Building Blocks
💯History and Evolution
💯Euro Trance
💯Goa Trance
💯Psychedelic Trance
💯Progressive Trance
💯Trance Labels, DJ's and Producers

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