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A mobile app for comprehensive management of field work

XTrack WorkMate is a mobile application that comprehensively supports field work. Thanks to XWM, the effectiveness of communication and information flow is increased - field service technicians can document their activities and receive work schedules prepared by the dispatcher in the XTrack desktop application. With these features field employees have easy access to the work assigned to them and can report their activities in an easy and accessible way by manually unchecking statuses and sending notes and photos. XTrack WorkMate also allows to show tasks on the installed map.
XWM is also a tool for managing passive objects in the field marked with NFC transponders.

Selected features of the XTrack WorkMate application:
✦ application for the Android platform for devices owned by the customer (smartphone, tablet with GPS module, active SIM card and NFC reader),
✦ continuous monitoring of the GPS position - the application allows monitoring the GPS position of the field worker as well as passive objects marked with NFC transponders. Location information is also available in the XTrack software,
✦ receiving routes with tasks generated in the XTrack software (XTrack Manager) in the order determined by the dispatcher,
✦ navigating between tasks using the default map application on the customer's phone / tablet,
✦ changing the statuses of tasks,
✦ searching, sorting and filtration of tasks,
✦ route and vehicle selection systems,
✦ sending reporting notes with photos attachments generated by the user, which allows an immediate exchange of information about carried out activities,
✦ tracking work on a specific object in the field. To prove the fact that the assigned tasks have been carried out the technician scans the NFC transponder placed on the object during the repair / maintenance work,
✦ managing objects in the field - the possibility to identify and save data to objects that do not have their own active monitoring device, by reading a bar code or an NFC tag. All the information and history of the object will be saved in the XTrack software. This feature gives the possibility to control the company's tangible assets,
✦ defining any number of additional parameters of the driving mode (eg private / service, or the commune for which the services are provided), the driver using the vehicle, the type of work performed, etc,
✦ configuring the application interface layout according to the customer's requirements,
✦ the XWM application can also be a standalone solution that registers travel routes and stops in connection with the above features, when the ordering party does not require using a physical GPS device in the vehicle,
✦ on-line data transfer based on the customer's SIM card with full speed resulting from the technical capabilities of the customer's device, including LTE speed.

NOTE: This app requires XTrack web application account, which is available for selected XTrack customers. You can purchase XTrack telemetry systems thorough our distributors. For more information visit http://xtrack.com/en/contact-2/

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