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Cutie Cutie,Battle Crazy!

Tiny Battleground, the first IO + MOBA + Survival mobile game, is coming!
→ Play as cute pixel style heroes in beautiful battleground!
→ Enjoy crazily hilarious battles with up to 40 players!
Tiny Battleground brings you refreshing competitive and casual gaming experience like never before!

# Pixel Style Graphics: Cute Heroes, Stunning Abilities!
Charge as Viking warrior and knock your opponent out? Or transform into metal dragon that can devour other heroes in one bite? Or become cute but deadly kitty ninja who can stealthily cut down enemies? You can choose from a wide variety of heroes. Knight, gunner, wizard, robot… their ways of fighting are infinite, but they are equally full of pixel style loveliness!

# IO + MOBA + Survival Gameplay: Triple Intensity!
Ever dream of playing three hottest types of gameplay in one game? Whether you like to grow stronger by defeating opponents in IO style Free-for-All Mode, prefer to outlive everyone else in lava-spreading Battle Royale style Survival Mode, or just want to have fun with friends in MOBA style Crystal Battle, Tiny Battleground always has the right mode for you!

# Team up with Friends: Fight and Laugh Together!
A true hero doesn’t always fight alone! Team up with your buddies and become the most badass bullies in Team Free-for-All! Or utilize different heroes’ strength to control the battleground in Crystal Battle. Use in-game voice chat feature to easily coordinate with teammates in the midst of fighting! You can even follow a friend and enter the game he is playing!

# 5 Minutes for a Round: Fast Pace, Lasting Fun!
Designed to be picked up and played at any time, Tiny Battleground brings you refreshing fun in 5-minute long games! Lightning-fast matching system quickly takes you into the heat of battle, and players around the world are waiting for your challenge! Don’t get too addicted. Even the time in a bathroom is enough to become a MVP!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Tinybattleground/

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Android Version
2.3.3 and up
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Rated for 12+
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

G 1
Too many hacker with Thailand language username. They are not using meou but we cant see them.
Jeremiah 2
Good game with lots of problem Control is bad 200 crystal limitation while i got only 10 crystal Also there's some login problem sometimes app doesn't log me in instead give me new id I hope this will be fix Because tiny battleground is actually a gem
John 1
The connection sucks, especially when you are in ASIA, Can you please improve your connection, because i cant enjoy this game even if i have a good wifi connection its soo very lag,
Chrisna 1
Ahh so poor i cant login, why? Bug? Crash?
Andre 3
Nerf heroes meou because stun very longer i can't attack back and i die
Asep 5
Can play at first, after closed and when open again, stuck at sign in at google account, please fix this nice game
Billy 3
The dash system with double tap at the direction is really annoying when player get involved in big battle. You should make an improvement for that. It is a lil bit unfair for those player who defeated get drop to a first lvl again. At least do not make a defeated player always drop to lvl 1 again..i mention about lvl system not the score.
Hilda 2
Really bad system with log in. My id restart twice after input id and pass. My character start lv1. Can't back my old character which already have many characters. Its too bad for excited games and addicted. But in indonesia laggy. Now i give up playing this game
M. 4
This game is awesome in terms of graphic and gameplay, but the control seems to be late to response, especially when using dash. And the server is a bit laggy in Indonesia. There's a slight latency (around half second) when playing this game so its hard to play responsively. But keep up the good work, Dev.
Kagami 3
I have play a lot of game on my android, but this is the first time i got message that my smartphone is overheating. Please fix it and i will rate it 5 star. Really, i love this game so please fix this problem
Mzharifan 1
What is activating nexus? Im trapped in that process. The loading bar stays in 12% and it wont go up


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