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Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff.

Cabana is Tumblr’s new app for hanging out and watching stuff. Video chat with up to five of your friends while watching YouTube videos together. Anytime, anywhere. It’s just you and people you like, so you’re already camera-ready.

— HANG OUT: Video chat with up to five of your friends.
— WATCH STUFF: Watch YouTube videos together while you chat.

More to come as Cabana grows. <3 Tumblr

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Latest Ratings

PartyCheez 3
I'll have to check it out after it has a few updates... seems like a great idea tho. Extra Details: The app could be easier to use. My friend and I were trying to watch a video and an ad popped up, it blocked a good portion of the screen. Neither one of us were able to remove it by pressing the 'X' button. I gave the app three stars because I thought it was a really great idea. Just needs some work.
Kay 5
Hi guys I just wanted to tell you that I love this app and it is fun so whoever Hate it is not good it's bad
Ms. 1
Horrible you need to be a sort un age for it
jamison 1
I never got a message and during sign up accidentally quit app and now it does not take my phone number
cassette 1
I never sent a text and no longer usses my number
Peter 3
It's alright. One big problem is that the front camera get too dark when I use this app.
This would be a good app if it did crash every 5 seconds
I would like to be on hangout..
Figger 2
It was alright but at some points only one of us could hear the video as well as my friend couldn't hear me. I should try it would more than two people to judge further however.
Aaron 1
You guys want a better app? Check out Rabbit WAAAAAAAY better selection and you can do the same thing voice,video, and text chatting are options btw
t4xie 1
It seems overly sketchy because it is Yahoo for one, and I have to put in my number.

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