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New generation virtual idol《Show Girl》,Will come into your life.

Brand new 3D idol-Nancy makes its spark debut.
Instead of simple graphic idol, it is tangible and can be reached.
Colorful and various character design, one idol for one person, say no to the repetition.
Who don't want to have an exclusive idol of their own?

Games feature:

Changeable modelling and say no to stereotype in role setting
A completely free face-pinching system with more than 40 different makeups and decorations, thus everyone can have an exclusive idol of their own.

Jump into the reality to contract a zero-touch with your idol.
On longer being trapped into a virtual environment, Nancy will jump from virtuality into reality and have a zero-touch with you.

Free gestures; you're free to pose whatever you like.
The totally open figure joints are the great guarantee for you to make highly different movements and can better match the augmented reality deduction.

Gorgeous and marvelous, the various freestyle dances will be performed at any time.
There are various dances and all you need is a single click to make it dance for you.

Record your life
you can use it to record what happened in your life.
You also enjoy the priority to whisper your secrets to Nancy.

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Android Version
4.1 and up
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Rated for 16+
Installs (Google)
100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Uriisten 4
=u= Well it makes drawing the female body a lot more fun than using the standard wooden puppet. Graphics are pretty good and the gameplay runs fairly smooth even though I'm on an old device. I do hope the "ad fail" glitch stops because 100 per ad isnt a bad deal. Skin color would be nice to change. A few more hairstyles would be nice. And maybe even a breast sizer. Some people like it flat, and vice versa. Still a great app that I hope gets more updates.
Alexis 4
really useful when used as reference. the lighting in the game is gorgeous and i love making new girls. i have a few. suggestions though: changing skin color and breast size. i kind of want a tanned girl and a flat chested girl, so... also, the camera makes things hard. hopefully, you guys can make us move it more freely in the future. good app, though
Aaron 5
Best app ever. Has a great posing tool... that by itself is worth downloading. The animations are smooth and the videos you can make with the voice imitator are fantastic. The face creation tool is robust and you could really Create anyone you know if you put some time into it. I honestly wish there was a pro version I could just get without ads or Micro transactions. Still though... great time killer.
Byron 3
Why does watch adds fail most of the time???? I would love to rate this app a lot higher but I open the app today and all I have of her is a head, a floating head. WTH!!! And I can't find any place to update the app. Well,,,, I got the update,,,, but it's in Chinese, I don't read Chinese. Was able to do the update, fantastic, she is back to normal and then some. Love it now!!! Thanks!!!
Nystyler 5
I love this app but there is also a little spot needed to improve, i have problem about moving camera in 3d space. It fixed to rotate only character's origin which is working fine but then i rotate or move character away from that pin point, camera can't follow focus to where the actual character is.
Charlie 3
A short... But enjoyable start, then it kinda fizzles out... Starts off with a nice avitar, and a couple options available. Room for improvement in Graphics and controls. There is an option to get free diamonds, it isn't working now. No way to get more diamonds unless you wanna buy them, and they aren't cheap.
Charry 1
Update made the game playable offline and button are aligned but ad reward is still not working after 5th update on 02/28/18! 😐 STILL Keeps on saying ad watch fail! 😧 On s8+ and Tab E. Seems ad not working on samsung devices. ☠️☠️☠️
The 4
You should add the ability to change how fit, how muscular, she can be. As someone else noted, not everyone likes her one way. In this case we should be able to make her put on muscle. Other than that it's great.
Unidomz 4
I honestly love this game. But there's only one problem. I wish there were more clothing options, shoes, etc. Also I wish there were more dances. Other than that this is a really nice and fun game!
chaos 5
Defiantly a great game very useful only one thing can make it better needs nudity for sure then it be a perfect masterpiece would like two see in high detail have high hopes for an update for such please and thanks
Akiko 4
i really like this app, however there are a few problems i have with it. other than watching 5 ads a day there's literally no other way to get diamonds for free, and if you're not the kind or person to make in-app purchases it can make getting diamonds quickly very difficult. it can really limit the freedom we have with the character. also, especially with long hair and sleeves, some of the models are very glitchy. either sleeves go into the arm, hair cuts straight through the body, or legs cut through shirts. i'm not exactly sure how you can fix this, since i'm just starting to learn about rigging 3d models, but i'd just experiment until you find something that works. all in all, great app, just a few small issues that shouldn't impede on the experience too much.


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