My Museum Story: Mystery Match

My Museum Story: Mystery Match








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Description & Details

Start a match-3 adventure, build the museum and decor it with mystery artifacts!

Become a mystery-solving detective and find hidden artifacts and lost treasures to create your own mystery museum!

Swap around and match artifacts by color to collect objects, decorate rooms and halls of the museum and solve mystery quests! Beat breathtaking match-3 levels, search for hidden treasures of ancient civilizations and carve your way through a story packed with adventurous scenes. Excited? Mystery museum is waiting for you!

Customize the halls of the museum and surrounding garden scapes. Go on a journey to the pyramids of Egypt. Complete mystery match-3 levels, search for and collect lost artifacts, and adjust the museum decor to your taste! Discover ancient treasures and unexpected plot twists. You ain’t a mystery detective like Lara Croft? Of course you are, jump on in!

The game features:

• Easy and fascinating gameplay — swap and match mystery items to complete match-3 levels.
• Creative freedom — choose the museum decor, open new locations and build your unique museum.
• Exciting storyline — restore your museum and embark on a thrilling adventure!
• Unique game design — colourful game scenes and sparkling match-3 levels won’t leave you unimpressed!
• Challenging tasks — solve quests to fill your museum with new mystery items and collect lost artifacts.
• Multiple game locations — crawl through haunted museum halls, solve mystery quests in ancient pyramids of Egypt and much more.
• Lovely in-game heroes to accompany you on your search for hidden artifacts.
• A Facebook community of mystery detectives to share your progress with.
• Free to play access: just install to start your own museum adventure.

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Latest Ratings

Jeremy 2
The worst part is the in-game ads in the playing field. There are plenty of other match 3 story type games like Gardenscapes that don't have ads while you're matching. It takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Also after every level, you ask if I wanna see a video. It's annoying! Let me choose to see videos if I want. Don't think I'll continue playing cause of the ads. Other then that, it's pretty good and I'd enjoy playing.
I play gardens capes and matching ton mansion and thoight this would be fun but I hate it already! The constant ads during the match game slows down my play or even messes it up. The stars you need for the objectives are way to high! 3 stars to unlock the fence?? I am not invested in this game and will be deleting it
Kelly 4
I would give it higher but, it lied. It asks after ever level, to dbl points by watching an ad. It does not dbl. Also..too much dialog. Next day wow😀 1 more point for charisma. Good job on response....
Susan 3
I would love to give this a higher rating, but I've been stuck on a level for some time now. Maybe there's a secret I don't know, but, you aren't given enough of the pieces you need to get the 70 you need to pass the level. I play several of these types of games and enjoy them. This one is simply frustrating. As with other reviewers, I can't figure out how to get past level 41. There is challenging and there is impossible to play.
Candace 2
Would like to agree with several others...level 41 is impossible..can't get 70 green rings when not enough show up. Also costs too many stars for mundane tasks. I would say you are going to lose a lot of players if not fixed.
Lisa 2
Won't give you stars when it's supposed to, and it definitely does not give double stars when promised. You waste stars doing dumb things. The story moves way too slowly.
charity 1
It's hard to move the pieces sometimes you go to move to win the game and it moves the piece the other way causing you to lose the game I think this is BS and needs to be fixed will not be recommending or asking any of my friends to play this game and tell this problem is fixed
Patricia 2
This game has an ad running along the side of it that makes it run really slow. I liked the concept of the game but then this ad showed up and there is no way to stop it. The game is now very slow and jumps.
tyler 5
I really love playing this game I end up losing my self in it and time just passes by so quick I don't even know where it went the game is so cute and easy to learn and colorful. I will recommend your game to all my friends and family even their friends and family and so on and so on and please let me know if I gave you a really good review to let me get a little gift in exchange it would help out in the game so I can keep on playing it.... Everyone you have to download this game it is an amazing game. AWESOME THANKS FOR THE FUN.
Deborah 5
I love games like this. They occupy time well. The only sad thing about this game is I seem to be playing alone. I have no one to send me extra lives.
June 3
Well couldn't give a decent review due to no new levels a couple more days and I'm uninstalling the game sure I can find a game that updates regularly waste of time


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