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Tower Defense: Robot Wars is a strategy game based on a classic defense game. Tower Defense reveals a story about the battle of humanity against dark forces from remote planets with evil intension destroying the Earth. Playing this game, you will be in a role of a hero protecting our home and fighting against the most dangerous forces in the galaxy. With the support of machine wars, robots have enough power to destroy our home. Let’s protect our home with extremely powerful modern weapons.
With colourful effects and vivid sounds, Tower Defense will bring a real fierce battle to player’s experience. You will be in the middle of the great wars among the stars with just a touch of a button. Don’t miss the chance to have amazing experiences with Tower Defense one of the most awesome strategy game of all time.

### Features:
- 20 maps with variety of geography, scenes such as village, city, harbour, snow mountain, space ship …
- Defending system includes 6 categories of weapon with 5 levels for each.
- 15 robots with various speed and power.
- Win 20 battle, defender will get the victory.
- Defender can speed up the pace of the battle.

### Tips:
- Defender needs to choose the right kind of weapon in the right time and position.
- Defender should upgrade one in good position first.
- Combo appropriate weapons brings more power.
- Defender have to practice to master putting weapon skill.
- Try different strategy to find the best.

If you are a fan of Tower Defense - Strategy game, there is no reason for you to miss this epic game version Robot Wars. No mercy wars against evil robots will satisfy even the most fastidious gamers. Download Tower Defense and become a great defender now.
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Droid Gamers

  • [NEW GAME] Towers Defense: Robot Wars - Strategy and RTS

    (2 years ago)

    [NEW GAME] Towers Defense: Robot Wars - posted in Strategy and RTS: First of all, we want to sincerely thank all of you for supporting our product which is published under our brand Zitga Studio. We’ve just released a new strategy game called Towers Defense: Robot Wars. This game reveals a story about the battle of humanity against dark forces from remote planets with intension destroying the Earth. We hope that you will enjoy this game and it would be nice if you give us feedbacks to impr...

Latest Ratings

Chris 4
Good game and looks nice but can crash The game itself is challenging and took me a while to get 3 stars on all levels except 19 which I just can't figure out. If my phone turns off during an active game, when I turn back on, the game usually crashes. Overall it's entertaining.
Gwhizie 3
Good game, irritating advertising No problem with the game, fast, fun and addictive, shame you have to watch advertisements to have a realistic chance of progression.. The video advertisements sometimes cause the game to reset whilst playing aswell, and you can't continue from where you left off, frustrating
Sean 1
Can't get past lvl 2 without watching a bunch of ads to gain health. You are not clever. Just money hungry. Its sad. Douche bag devs
harry 1
Based on my experience, game was designed to be so hard, that the only way to win is to keep installing other games to gain health.
Jericho 1
Crap So hard. Can't get over level 2
Joel 3
If you want to succeed you must watch the ads The problem is that I order to win a level you need to watch a ton of ads. I was looking for a mindless little shooter but this one is just too difficult.
Boyz 1
Waste of time The first level is cake but then there impossible. The placement of weapons is poor you and very difficult.
Jonathan 5
Great job! Only review I ever took the time to leave. I guess getting credits by the ads is cool. Totally addicted to it
crazy 1
Hate it Ever time it puts up a game I press back ,it tells me do u want to quit
khaista 1
Nice but difficult It's nice game but it is so much difficult and dollars given is soo much low...try to work on it
Bill 5
Robot Wars Seriously addictive! Stay away if you value your time!


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