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ExoGears2 (by Zombot Studio Inc) - Android Gameplay HD

Description & Details

Build your fighter and conquer players over the world with real-time PvP combat.

Battle against other players online – in space! Build and customize your mech warrior and team up to fight 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles in real-time to become the most powerful soldier in the galaxy!

Explore a war-torn galaxy ripe for the conquering! ExoGears 2 puts you in charge of a notorious mercenary ship and its crew as you traverse deep space and build the ultimate mech warrior!

Build your ship and train your crew to become the most feared and formidable force in the entire galaxy. Collect parts from your fallen enemies and use them to engineer hundreds of different upgrades to customize your Exo suit and its abilities.

Use your ExoGear to engage in action-packed mech-on-mech combat in deep space battle arenas. Conquer your opponents utilizing your reflexes, strength and tactical skills. Fight in 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles against other players and vanquish your foes!

- Customize your ExoGear with HUNDREDS of parts and upgrades
- Create your own unique combat strategies using a huge arsenal of weapons and abilities
- Enhance your ship and train your crew to improve their abilities
- Explore the galaxy to discover new worlds and environments
- Challenge players across the globe to epic duels and put your Exo to the test
- Forge alliances and take over the galaxy together
- Embark on an epic campaign to take back the universe

Join our Facebook page at:
https://www.facebook.com/zombotstudio/ and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3N8lcMwHygL9u70RXc8dAQ

Note: A stable network connection is required to play. In case of any problems please contact us at info@zombotstudio.com.

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Latest Ratings

Flamez 1
Until they fix this stupid game I'm uninstalling and giving bad review even if you spend money . And are skilled. Whenever the game feels like it. Your interface will glitch, your connection will lag, and your weapons won't do damage. I press attack . Your suppose to attack not sit there and watch enemy kill you. What is the point of reaching. Top of leaderboards if it's a gamble everytime you fight if your robot will even move. I'm over it. Uninstalled. And it's not lag it's a glitch.
Joe 4
This is a very well done game, however I only read you for stars because of constant game crashes. I have at 5 in the last 2 days this game has been downloaded. Several of them have cost me chests after a win and free spins that were registered as used but never paid due to the game crashing. There are no other issues for me other than this, once this issue has been rectified I will gladly give 5 stars.
Dragonball 3
Well I actually think its really great but there could be room for improvement like we should be able to trade items and challenge friends in alliances. I think the game should broaden the abilities the gear can give. Other than that I think its actually a great game the whole idea of hard work and actual tactics being used is amazing. There more to praise about but I dont want to flood you with a long message.
kalex 2
Nice game but too glitchy.. the controls are unresponsive sometimes. The robot cant break from stagger after been hit numerously. Please fix this. This game has a lot of potential. And please add features like able to duel with nearby friends. That would be nice
Alexey 4
Ok, so game was moved to more skill based gameplay, it's great. The UI become more slick. Great game for mecha anime fans. Also looking forward to less lags and unpredictable hits because of that)
Gerald 1
Unable to play. After installation I am only able to tap on "Combat" and the next screen freezes.
Zombiefist 5
The match making use to be very unbalanced but with recent up updates the devs fixed it (or just 1 dev but im not sure how many there are lol) anyways i enjoy the game, so i suggest giving it a try.
Obombanatio 5
Love the update, Love the skill based combat, but 2v2 I've been dodging because the lag is unreal Keeping this game til it dies
Ashton 1
Don't play this game. It will steal from you, not give you rewards and the matchmaking system is terrible. Too much trouble just to play a game. The connections are terrible as well. Constant lag in matches.
That 5
Fun and all, but the lag gets so bad, I thought short teleports must be an equipment ability. Brawl is simply unplayable. High speed WiFi will get me about 45-90 ping on a really good day, at least in 1v1. Runs well, plays well, looks well, but the mecha control oddly. I don't mean the fun kinda odd. Nothing seems like it has any weight to it. Not really a fan of the lunging, but it supplements painfully slow walking(/running?). Anyway, it's a fun game. Screw the chick in the main screen tho. Focus on the lightest equipment you can find other than weapons and ability, so you can actually use cover or retreating fire. The downside to being nigh untouchable is that the breeze can perma-stun you... Not that you can expect to not be perma-stunned anyway. I suppose it's balanced, but it bothers me how that strongly contrasts the time it takes to take someone down. On one hand we take a ridiculous amount of hits and walk slow like we have the sheer mass to explain it, but on the other, you can pop the thrusters to break the sound barrier instantly then do it just as fast in the opposite direction. There's no sense of weight, so it's as if we're bipedal tortoise-jets.
Hadi 3
Please adding paint item, for recolour our gears, and please allow us to selling items. There is no any option to sell items.


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