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*** Important Note ***
1. This app may not work on some Android phones or tablets which do not provide full USB video class (UVC) supports
2. This app will not work on Android 5.1.1., it blocks access of USB camera to phone/tablet.
3. If you cannot see preview on screen or live views, please DO NOT upgrade to Pro version, it will NOT solve the blank screen problem. The problem is most likely due to hardware not supporting USB video.
*** End of Important Note ***

MScopes or MScopesPro enables the users to view, take pictures and record video for USB video class camera based digital microscopes, endoscopes (non medical), borescopes, digital camcorders or webcams connected to smartphone or tablets via USB. For cameras with type-A connector, an OTG (on-the-go) adapter is required to connect with microUSB in smartphones.

Need NOT root device.

Microscopy or endoscopy "on-the-go" becomes a reality, such portability or mobility greatly increase handiness, convenience and flexibility in observing microscopic objects or hard to reach internal parts of a crack, pipes, cavity, etc.

This Pro version has added features as follows:
✔ Advertisement and watermark free
✔ Pinch and zoom on preview
✔ Camera resolution selections
✔ Support multiple preview sizes such as: 640x480, 800x600, 1280x720, 1600x1200
✔ Adjustable color parameters such as brightness, contrast, hue, gamma, sharpness, saturation and white balance
✔ Save adjusted color parameters to 3 presets
✔ Option to turn microphone on or off for video recording
✔ Button to share images & videos
✔ Button to edit images
✔ Button to delete images and videos
✔ View images and select video files by swiping

a. This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
b. It also uses libusb and libuvc libraries

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Latest Ratings

Randy 4
Works on the galaxy s5 and tab s. Bought the pro version and all web cams so far connected via otg cable have worked on a galaxy s5 and tab s.
Matt 5
Worked Great This was the second app I tried work liked it was suppose to and price was great.
Teoma 4
Excellent App for using some generic USB microscopes. The only added feature I'd like would be a better range of Flip/Rotate actions, since these cameras can be in all sorts of wierd places and orientations, making navigating with the camera awkward. Crashes are common, some random, some when capturing images, but can be solved with a device reboot. The app launches fast so it's not a big deal breaker.
Miles 2
Cam for troubleshooting App always crashing. Hope the update will solve the problem.
Derek 5
Works great on samsung s6 Very happy with App. But cannot delete images or videos how do I do that. Can't seam to find the delete button. Sorted now. The only way I could delete stuff was to go into file manager find the App and delete images from there. Cheers
Robert 5
Works Well & Minimum Permissions!! Yay - this works perfectly on my OnePlus One with both a cheap Chinese endoscope as well as my microscope camera attachment, and it doesn't even ask for outrageous permissions like the other apps, either! I had to support the developer with the pro version just on principle for that, and I'm not even really using many of the pro features yet.
Wally 5
Works great! Using it on my Xperia z1 tablet for Astrophotography.
Dan 5
Works great with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 8.0 Bought a Chinese USB endoscope, a OTG adapter and works great with this software! Highly recommend this combination
Dimitri 5
It does what it does, very simple, no BS adds
Mac 1
App auto launch Turns on at boot up with out camera being attached then off then on.Samsung tab s
mike 5
Perfect Works with my Note 5 and Celestron hand-held USB microscope - perfect for fieldwork - thank you.

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