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Explore the islands, across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

God Of The East Sea X Zzoo`s New Game “DOKDO”!

God`s Game of healing and adventuring the sea!!
Explore the islands, across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.
You can acquire resources through fishing and sea battle.
If you earn a lot of gold coins, your ship can get stronger and stronger.
Enjoy an exciting game on the beautiful sea.
Oh , be careful the octopus, It`s very strong

Addictive strategy ocean Game “DOKDO”

Game Features:
- You can upgrade your part of ship
- Feel the beauty of the sea in full 3D
- Enjoy easy and exciting play
- Extend marine maps to DOKDO
- Compete with your friends with GooglePlay Support

Enjoy the addictive “DOKDO” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank.
Whenever, wherever “dokdo” is ready for action !!!
Thank you!

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Jesse 4
Love the game but please for the love of God fix the cannon aiming system. I've noticed the npc ships have fixed cannons and the ship you control has free aiming one's. This leads me to have an easy broadside shot that I miss because the cannons shoot in almost random directions. It is really very frustrating when I can't sink even a low level ship because I can't hit it. Fixed cannons on the player ship would be a big improvement in my opinion.
Aaron 4
The aiming was okay until I upgraded the ship to level 8. Suddenly they never even get close to hitting targets, just pointlessly firing sort of forward and to the side. Can't even hit low level enemies, game has become unplayable. Great game otherwise though, I'll be back once that's fixed.
Johnny 4
You're whole role in this game is being a one man army against every other npc out there. There's no diplomacy, no trading, just upgrades and fights. The fights are always uneven as there's millions of other NPCs that attack you on your way from island to island. I don't mind this since the combat is fairly easy, but it's just annoying you can't have any teammates... Control are ok at best, hard to master for sure...
Steve 3
The fact SUNKEN enemy ships can still fire their cannons is completely ridiculous. Needs fixing. Also the aiming is absolute trash. Never aims where it's supposed to, needs to be fixed aiming and preferably manual firing. Or at least make it actually aim correctly!
Bernard 1
0/5 Unplayable. Impossible to progress after a short while. I'm on my 3rd island and I can't go anywhere without patrolling AI ships that completely outclass and dominate me without attacking each other. For debugging: I'm at the colloseum and tower of Pisa island. There's also a very low level of customisation of ship ability apart from 6 variables. 0 Star for not thoroughly testing user progression Also heats my phone up A LOT. Needs optimisation. Other ships are not even moving. They all just randomly stand still. Other ships just show up our of nowhere. Bad support.
Barber 5
The new Pirates of The Caribbean game should've been like this but honestly this game tops Disney's sad attempt at a Pirates game. The graphics are amazing and the controls are super easy to figure out 🔥. Overall you need to put in some work to level up in this game but I basically got pretty high up just by playing for a few hours and attacking the random ships that attacked me.
John 5
FREAKING GET THIS GAME NOW!!!! If you want some challenge or casually relaxing and satisfying challege this game is for you. By the way devs what more features are upcoming? This game is just great as it is right now that I dont see what to improve.
Nathanial 5
I am just speechless right now. It is such an amazing game because it feels so good when you take over an island and it so good. I also love how when you die you actually keep your stuff
kaisarraja 5
Great game i want more maps. and if your targeting system gets awkward, try to change maps, it will repair it
Ariana 5
I would love a ship that collect loots for me. Thanks devs! To people complaining with difficulty try to develop a maneuvering style. It's very easy actually. I can take on bigger ships and not get hit. U sure can take on 10 ships and not get hit. Getting the loot crate is the only problem when facing multiple enemies. One more thing, after completing 2nd map... it says move to next map. How do i get to 3rd map?
Sralse 4
I purchased the "all ads gone" because otherwise it plays ads even when you're offline. Lots of small bugs. Now for the positive side: original. It feels one of a kind and looks awesome. The controls are intuitive (sometimes frustrating). I can see a lot of potential if the devs were to actively develop this game further. For now the game offers ~8h worth of content. I would love to see multiplayer feautures appearing, but we all know that that won't happen. What I can assure you will happen are atleast 2 more content updates. (They have to!) For now you can upgrade your ship, conquer islands. Participate in 2 gamemodes (they aren't really modes but rather mini quests for a global (Google Play) rank) and ofcourse fight pirate ships. You upgrade your ship with coins and materials which other ships drop. You can buy/sell all items at an island. There is no further content, but the funny and nice looking level design makes up for that! Give it a try, I recommend!

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