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Newest LED Flashlight. Best Color Screen Torch Light. SOS and Strobe Flash Lamp.

★★★ Always available Lamp - a powerful flashlight app is designed to be at hand when needed.★★★

Ultra Bright Flash light and torch light for your Android. New and Free FlashLight with all possible sources of light in your phone. Light up the dark spot with new Flashlight app. Make party shine with Strobe/Blinking mode. This handy torch app is a powerfull lightning tool and its Free. Simple operation, beautiful design and many options. This is a Bright Flashlight PRO app. Best Brightest Flashlight App on google play store.

Main features:
★ Ultra Bright Flash Light - Guaranteed
★ Takes little space in phone memory
★ Fast start on all phones and tablets
★ Convenient super bright torch front and back
★ Adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness
★ Screen and LED Torch with strobe effects
★ Screen Flashlight with Color picker
★ Vibro confirmation of mode switch
★ Strobe/Blinking light adjustable with several frequency modes
★ Useful screen flashlight for phone and tablet without led flash.
★ Beautiful ON/OFF switch - Turn on the light easily and quickly
★ SOS Emergency calling via LED or Screen in Darkness
★ Simple Interface and Clean Layout make the Light operation simple and fast!
★ Easy-to-Use - Fast Startup and Smooth Operation
★ Low battery consumption - the app is optimized to use the battery wisely
★ Android Production Pro Tools
★ Totally free app

★ Led Flashlight ★
A battery-operated portable light. Used to illuminate the camera's LED on your android phone. You can set the flashing frequency of the Stroboscope LED flashlight. Another option is to set SOS torch light mode in Morse language. Also known as Reflector, Flashlight, Torchlight, Lamp, Galaxy, Tactical, Military Flashlight, flashlite.

★ Screen Flashlight ★
Simple, white screen with full brightness adjustment to provide bright white light. When using a color palette, you are not limited by choosing colors like other Flash + Light applications. You can choose the blue, red or green colors all these and other colors you choose will brighten your phone. To adjust the brightness, use the slider on the main screen. Also known as LCD light, AMOLED light, White light, Color light, Lamp, Reading flashlight, soft light, book light, night lamp, torch, Lampara, Linterna.

★ Can’t find your key in the dark?
★ Like to read your favourite books at night?
★ Forgot to bring your torch when camping or hiking?
★ Or want to be a beacon of light in the darknesss?

Get Bright Flashlight Pro ! The latest torchlight app with a top user-friendly design. Bright Flashlight Pro is a smart and tiny torch application that transforms your devices into an extraordinarily bright flashlight in an instant. Your device camera LED light will be fully utilized to light up.

Available Options:
Turn on startup - LED will start to shine when app starts
Turn off at exit - LED stop shining when main screen looses visibility
Use Screen as Light - White background will be used for production soft light
Off Timer - adjustable timer displayed on main page
Hide status bar - Hide or show status bar
Sound and Vibration - ON/OFF switch will be more interactive
Sharing New Flashlight app with friends possible

Compatible phones and tablets:
Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu

The Flashlight application was physically tested on:
Samsung Galaxy S6+EDGE, S7, S8 * Note 3,4,5,8*
LG G3, G4, G5, G6
Sony Xperia
Huawei P7, P8, P9, P10 * Mate

★Multi-languages Flashlight - English, Português, Españo, Español, Česky, Pусский, Français, Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語, 中文 and other

Thank you for download! We'll be excited if you give us a ★★★★★ rating and let us know what improvements or other features the app should have.

Camera Permision is only for controlling Camera LED flash on the back of the phone.

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5.0 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Unlike some flashlights, this lets you use both the camera flash and the screen for light. The screen colour can be adjusted. So not just white light but also, say, red. Great for scrabbling around in the bedroom for missing items without waking your light-sensitive partner. Light colour and brightness can be independently adjusted, but colour adjustment is not that controllable if you have fat fingers. I have seen better. So dropped a star.
Tina 4
It's a good app to use when your on a bicycle and need a bright light. To bad you couldn't get turn signals to work with it!!! That would be totally Awesome!
Priscilla 5
I just started to use it but I'm extremely excited that it is FREE, there are NO ADS & it requires ONLY 1 permission! Thanks!
denisse 4
It's simple and doesn't need a lot of permissions. Just what it needs, camera and flashlight permission I think. But I had I figured I'd just use the one that came w my phone
Michal 5
Really nice UI, lots of tweaking. Best flashlight (torch) I have used.
Kathyan 4
It's a good bright light for a torch app and has strobe plus other features..
Brad 5
I like that it only takes 1.4MB and has many options.👍
reb87able 5
Nicely developed, beautiful ui&ux
Donald 5
It is exactly what I was looking for..
A great little tool to have on hand. Bright and easy to use. Comes in handy for doggie pooper scooping at night or changing ceiling light bulbs. It sheds great light where you need it.
Love it. Best part, no annoying adds 🤔

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