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From the makers of kawaii日本語 comes Fox Pop: Join Riko in this fun match 3 game!

Join Riko in her brand new match 3 puzzle game!

Enter a richly detailed land of magic and surprises to play Fox Pop, a match 3 puzzle game. You’ll search the enchanted landscape of kawaiiNihongo for Riko’s adorable fox friends, who have been kidnapped by dark forces. Overcome obstacles to clear each level and collect enticing prizes every time you match 3 foxes.

This challenging swap 3 puzzle game works by swiping foxes of the same color to free them as you explore hundreds of different levels, each offering exciting new challenges. Unlock special powers when you match 3 in a row, and even bigger powers when you match 4 or 5 in a row!

How to Play Fox Pop Match 3 Puzzle Game
▸ Swap and match 3 in a row foxes of the same color to free them and boost your score.
▸ Collect prizes and strengthen your foxes for even more special combinations!
▸ Enhance your swap and match 3 puzzle game play by unlocking various power-ups. Match 4 in a row or more to unlock special combos.
▸ Compete with friends to see who can Swipe 3 in a row and clear the board fastest! Can you score 3 stars on every level?

Fox Pop Match 3 Puzzle Game Features:
▸ Enjoy beautiful match 3 in a row graphics drawn by talented artists.
▸ Explore Riko's home world and discover more about her past.
▸ Fend off challenges: it becomes harder to match 3 in a row the farther you get!
▸ Keep an eye out for fun new updates and brand new match 3 levels.
▸ Swipe 3 foxes anytime - Fox Pop works online or offline!

Massive Match 3 Puzzle Explosions!
▸ Swap and Match 3 in a row to rescue foxes from the board.
▸ Match 4 in a row to get an "Elemental orb fox", which will clear a full row or column of foxes from the board.
▸ Match 5 in an L or T shape to get an "Empowered fox" that will clear all foxes in the area from the board.
▸ Match 5 in a row to create a "Rainbow fox", which will clear all fox of the same color from the board!
▸ Swap and match 2 special foxes to create even more powerful combos!

From the makers of Learn Japanese for Free with kawaii日本語: Fox Pop - Match 3 Puzzle Game now and play for free!


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