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Snore counter with simplified results panel. Check the severity of the problem!

Open the App, push the detection button and go to sleep. See on the day after the total snoring number that happened in your bedroom. Easy Snore makes your snore detection easy. And FREE.
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However the App has still many more possibilities (FREE to test) that you can use to track, analyse and be warned of your snoring. You can set up vibration of your SmartPhone or Android Wear SmartWatch or a notification sound. Watch results in graphics. See how warnings reduce your snoring. Adjust them to not disturb you, make them a personalised warning experience. Share results and graphics to your email or community.

Use the Easy Mode for quick access to facts. Go into the details with the Advanced Mode.

You can enable the following features:

- Snore Cycles: Know when you start snoring and when you stop. Know how many times over the night you start/stop.
- Snore Noise: See how loud you are when you snore. Watch in graphs when at night you are louder. Identify single snores that could be the result of breath difficulties.
- Snore length: Time between two snores. Could tell about your breath speed.
- Snore warnings on your phone and on your Android Wear Smart Watch. Be warned the way you want.

Use the information on each feature to fine tune when you want to be warned. For example, the noise subscription let you set up that you have to be warned only when you are louder than a certain level. Or you could set up that you want to be warned when the time between two snores is higher than 30 seconds.

Features are optional and the App works without them. They are extensions that you can use to upgrade the App to make it fit your needs.

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