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This is the viewer app for CameraFTP's Cloud Surveillance, Security and Monitoring service with unlimited storage space.

CameraFTP offers a revolutionary security and monitoring service for home, business and casual use. Starting at only $1.50/month, it offers far more and better features than traditional security services. It is extremely easy to setup, supports any IP / network cameras, and you can even use a webcam or a smartphone as your security camera. Your data is stored in CameraFTP's secure data center, which cannot be destroyed by intruders or disasters.

CameraFTP offers unlimited offsite storage for security surveillance cameras. You can remotely monitor and playback the recorded footage. You can also share or publish your cameras for other people to view.

CameraFTP is a service offered by Drive Headquarters, Inc. ( Based in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ has been in business since 2003 with over 2 million registered users.

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Joshua 5
Great system This really helped me in a situation where I had to be out of town while my pet was recovering from surgery. I had a caretaker (roommate) but because he also worked and the cat was on limited mobility I used my computers webcam as a 24hour monitoring system to give peace of mind and also to make sure He was eating and drinking and recovering normally. I had not a single issue and the app was a breeze to use.
Sheleane 1
Paid subscription 3 different pc's and mobile and I can't see that anything has recorded. My phone goes off with notifications about every 2 seconds but there is nothing. All 3 laptops tell me I need windows media to view and all 3 have windows media. I've put so much time into trying to figure this out that now I'm just highly irritated.
jennifer 2
Doesn't convince me to buy. If you're going to give a free app to try and convince people to buy it, you should probably make it as impressive as possible instead of LIMITING features and quality.
Randy 4
Camera FTP A very affordable solution to video and camera security. Love it.
Scot 1
Keeps saying downloading. Doesn't work.
Sylvester 1
Bullshit Keep saying downloading file
Tina 3
Disappointed! I really like this app! But the problem is when I try to look at videos from the viewer app or the website my videos are gone, disappeared , no where to be found. Erased???
Scott 3
No live viewing No live viewing, and the software on the pc stops without notice so you could be gone your whole trip and it just stops on the laptop after an hour. But other than that it does get you some video.
Phillip 5
great app you do need to have the correct set up in your camera otherwise it will not work properly. recheck your settings if you are having problems, particular the file names etc.
Claudio 1
Paid account, does NOT work I have a paid camera ftp account. The app worked fine for the first 20 days. Now it refuses to open (I have to force closing and reopening). And it refuses to load images older than 1 hour. Will not renew paid account.
Jeff 3
Great service, mediocre interface and functionality I would like to see a next/ previous frame button as well as options to download the current frame. These are simple things which will make this app significantly more useful.

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