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It is Korea's first English-language dictionary based on Longman Corpus.

"Longman English Korean Dictionary". It is Korea's first English-language dictionary based on Longman Corpus (large-scale language database). It goes beyond looking for the meaning of an unfamiliar word and systematically informs you about the information you have blocked or wondered when you speak or write in English. It provides abundant examples of practical spoken examples to help you learn to speak.

"Efficiency full of information necessary for speaking and writing ㆍ Longman English dictionary"
Efficiency ㆍ Longman English-Korean dictionary is not a Korean-English dictionary that only looks up the meaning of unknown words.
It is a dictionary that systematically informs you when you speak or write in English.

Differentiation of efficient and long-man English dictionary
The first English-language dictionary based on corpus (a large language database) of 330 million words.
Listings of phrases and collocations for effective speaking and writing in English!

Arranges the meaning of English vocabulary according to the actual frequency used and presents correct Korean language words

Based on the Longman Corpus, we analyzed each vocabulary correctly.
We have arranged the meaning of each vocabulary according to the frequency of actual use.
It provides abundant salmon (collocations) and accurate patterns information.
The actual usage frequency of the vocabulary is shown in 50 graphs.
In the meantime, I have correctly presented the meaning and usage of the English vocabulary that I misunderstood.

It contains information on vocabulary usage that can not be found in existing dictionaries.
There is plenty of information to help you use natural English in context.
There is a wealth of information that tells you what errors are most likely to be wrong for English learners.

All examples are based on the Longman Corpus, showing the natural English used in practice.
It shows you how vocabulary is actually used with abundant example sentences for each meaning of the main vocabulary.
It provides a wealth of practical spoken examples to help you learn to speak.

"First English Dictionary"
Longman English-Korean Online Dictionary
Efficiency ㆍ Longman English dictionary What is online lecture?
It is a vocabulary master course for effective vocabulary learning through efficient and long-term English-Korean dictionaries, which contains live English and various learning information, for special high school, overseas study preparation, employment and so on.

■ Headwords · idioms 102,000
■ Number of examples 83,000
■ 63,000 people
■ Rich pictures and photos

Application Function:
- Full contents of the print dictionary
- Add additional joins, synonyms, and word origin
- Dictionary Usage Guide
- Search using wildcards and suggestions
- Predictive text in search helps spell words when searching.
- Search for idioms and phrasal verbs
- Search history to make it easier to find recently searched words
- Search support within other compatible apps on your device
- Bookmark your favorite words
- Today's word
- My vocabulary

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