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By Dries Depoorter Category Art & Design

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The chat app that you can only use when you have less than 5% battery.

The chat app that you can only use when you have less than 5% battery.
Enter the chatroom full of people with a low battery.
Die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace. #diewithme.

App by Dries Depoorter
Developer: David Surprenant

Presented in collaboration with IDFA Doclab


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phone Arena

phone Arena

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Digital Trends

Digital Trends

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Android Community

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Android Police

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Android Headlines

Latest Ratings

Jeremy 1
Honestly, this is a really bad app. Not only does the chat freeze and lag but the fact that there's no way of getting only English speaking people is pretty annoying. There's so much spam on there too. It's needs to be split up. Maybe have the option of world room. Be able to pick the country you want to talk in. It's really quite bad. But hey, the guy made some coin off a gimmick. Too bad it's a poorly made one that charges.
Jake 2
Useless until I learn Chinese. Bloated with none English writers who are also not very polite (maybe because their phones are about to die?)
KINGgamer 3
I don't want to waste my last battery with people who don't even speak my language so can like add something where we could talk to people who only speak English and it's very laggy and and a lot of the time I have to restart the app because it freezes
Jahred 3
Can't exit and re enter the app without making a new user name each time which is annoying, and it should separate people by language and maybe down even further to forcing just a handful of people into a single chat room at anyone time because there are wayyyy too many comments at once. It's a neat idea and well worth the dollar for the laughs but yeah hope they evolve upon it instead of leaving it as is and shutting it down in a few months when no one's using it any more.
Jennifer 3
I agree in that it could be better if there was not a mix of languages. I imagine less are currently in this server because Chinese is common here, and not worth the time when reading mainly Chinese.
matt 1
Chatroom too bloated. Maybe give an option for 1-1 chatting or directly switch to that
Arnaud 5
Great idea, it definitly needs a Famous last words registry that logs every person's last message before dying you could browse while not under 5%
Mohana 1
Doesn't automatically refresh the chat window. Each time i open the chat i need to select a new username. And everyone chats in Chinese :/
Trey 1
Good idea. Definitely not a pleasant experience, can't filter languages and chat is spammed with Chinese, also pretty laggy and I'm unable to scroll the chat. Great idea though
Garrett 5
Well, After watching EverythingAppplePro's video on this app, I decided to download it. In my opinion, a really good idea, But due to the insane amount of racists and plain rude people, Its not something that j can personally enjoy.
Sunny 5
Amazing idea but I want it to alert that I can go in the app when I hit 5%


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