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Diversity innovation planning requires innovation and a future forward focus.

The Diversity Innovation Plan & Learning Management Framework supports virtual team learning, collaboration, and Diversity planning efforts without needing to hire a consultant. Group purchases available on the Google Play business site.

Strengthen your business model ecosystem:

* Review each of the sections together.
* Explore the questions proposed.
* Then move on to the following sections
* Explore the interactive tools available in the online Diversity Innovation Plan Generator(password access provided in the app) to develop and bring your company's leadership and strategy to the next level!

Diversity Innovation Plan & Learning Management Framework - is developed by Travis Barker, MPA GCPM and Innovate Vancouver. The app is adapted from content available in "A System's Thinking Approach to Leadership Innovation: Developing Your Leadership Innovation Plan" available on Amazon.com" by Travis Barker (2017)


Evaluating your Business Model Ecosystems Innovation isn’t easy. Fortunately there are a lot of tools available for accomplishing this task. Unfortunately the available tools are often fragmented and emphasize different components of the business ecosystem, and so do not provide an adequate evaluation of how your Business Model compares to competitors. Best practices for developing your business model and efforts to support innovation change over time.

The Diversity Innovation Plan Generator (password access is provided to these online tools) includes four stages.

The Diversity Innovation Plan & Learning Management Framework help evaluate your business model (in specific areas) and includes tools and frameworks to help introduce improvements (where needed), and an opportunity to actually draft your Diversity innovation plan (and download) for the designated business area(s).

Once all of these Business Ecosystem components have been incorporated in to your business model they can be ranked based on their strength and weaknesses.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Business Model Components

Beginning with this specific business model area start to review what components are needed to be successful. Think of your business' competitors in the area (local, national, or international). How does your Business Model compare to competitors for customer satisfaction, employee retention, industry leadership, flexibility, and ability to support Innovation?

Step 2: Review & Decide What Business Model Tools to Explore

Deciding which tool will help to strengthen your business model (in a specific area) depends on the strengths & weaknesses of the business. You may find that some tools are more useful than others for strengthening your business model. Begin by exploring the individual tools available to discover what you can do to strengthen your Business Model components.

Step 3: Strengthen & Build Your Key Business Model Areas

This is where collaboration, teamwork, and your leadership come in. Begin to fill out the interactive on page Business Model tool. Identify business strengths and areas for improvement in each business area. Print out & save a copy for your records. Use these to facilitate leadership discussions when drafting your business plan & strategies (next step). Go back to other areas once your done.

Step 4: Plan – Leverage Your Business Model to Support Your Business Strategies

This is the final stage where you will apply what you learned in previous steps. Leverage your new Business Model components to support your Diversity plan! Identify business strengths and areas for improvement in each business area. Print out & save a copy for your records. Begin to fill out the interactive on page business planning tool. Go back to previous steps if you discovered other business model tools or areas that need improvement.

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