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Earn best gift cards & promo codes for free! Install now and get free coupons!

You can earn your dream free gift cards and promo codes wherever you are! You are not going to face any restrictions. Get free coupons!

Are you ready to earn with the help of your Android device? All you need to do is to download and install that coupons app on your phone or tablet! Join millions of people all over the globe who earn their cards within minutes already! You can use a booster or simply watch a cool video to increase your rewards!

The app gives you 100% warranty of getting rewards!

The best of the apps is waiting for you already! We invented a new way of making dreams come true! Start earn and getting your rewards for free! What can be faster and easier than getting free rewards in just one app on your favorite device from any place of Earth?

Students, housewives and even salaried workers can get their promo codes for their needs! We are here to make it easier! Best designers have invented a cool coupons app for you to enjoy your time by getting free rewards! Derive maximum benefit from your device and our Android application! Your reward is on your fingertips! Don’t miss it! Enjoy a really pleasant process!

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4.0.3 and up
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Rated for 3+
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50000 - 100000
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lnstaII "VEARN" App to Start Earnings. Ref- (FERA) I never knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements! VEARN App is Iegit one which allows earning points just by doing simple tasks like watch advertises,videos and so on. Then you can exchange your points for PYAPAL/PATYM/Gift Cards and there're various options to choose from. Also "VADZ" App is perfect for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn't wana waste it, you can use it while working,travelling.. simply earning by watching advertisements,videos..
Brandon 5
This app is completely legit. Not only do I get to try out a bunch of fun and addicting apps I just received my first payout. I was skeptical at first but the proof just hit my PayPal account. Advice for serious gamers looking to get paid... Make sure your PayPal info is 100% correct and legit and also be prepared to exchange your payout currency from euros to the currency you utilize. Outside of that there's no hiccups. I completely recommend this app to anyone and everyone.
Vicki 5
Easily the best money-making app for android. Runs smoothly, and has a good amount of offers to choose from. Free Promo also includes lots of little options that are super useful, such as earnings/payouts history, notifications for select apps, and a tab for refferals. These features make it extremely easy to keep track of your points, where they're coming from, and if you somehow didn't recieve points. The only suggestion I would make would be to maybe add some color to the interface, as it's very bland.
Honestly speaking, I am new here, giving five star for $15 is not bad. I don't know thy withdraw will work or not but I will try my luck. Btw you have to collect $0.05 per clip. You collecting should be $100 before you collect them. I am still trying this out if it didn't work out you will see me with new review. FIVE STAR is for $15 in my account. Not for the app. Likewise I said after a try I will update my review. Thanks all.
New 1
I m new user & i dont know much abut this app rt now but giving 5 star for $15 is too good. Watching 20 ads of about 20s also gives $0,5 is not bad. I think this app is not like other app, its better than others.
Nagai 5
So glad I found this app. I have an experience using a worse app and It didn't give me the rewards sometimes and wasted my time 😑. Also, the customer service is so bad!!. But this saved my life. Just needs a lot of patient. Thank you bartash group, doesn't have any probs so far since I used this app. Well, Goodluck.
ThuG 1
This application is scam. I have wasted 1 week by watching videos on this app to earn 100 dollars. I tried to withdraw my gift card and they cut 100 dollars from my account. but they didn't send me any emails regarding that gift card. When i contact the customer support team they are saying that they dont have ant idea about the redeem process or gift card.then whats th point of them being as customer support team.what are they doing then.
Nizam 1
Guys this app is a total scam. Trust me i have completed 100 points and withdrawn it. It said that it would give me the money within 10 buisness days but today its 11th day and didn't received anything yet...
aileen 1
The $15 is just a bait for the 5-star rate and when you actually have given the 5-star, you only get $5 instead. This app looks legit with the figures but still no one has claimed to receive the $100 except for the retarded developers of this app who rated themselves
edema 3
I have been wanting for more than two weeks now to collect my earnings, there is no email sent to me yet in my dashboard is saying paid. This app. is a complete waste of man's energy(relationship, time, money etc), please don't invest your precious resources on it, all other testimonies here about how good this app. has been are spams. I'll SURELY get back to the house if there is something good.
Karthik 1
This is cheating app. I have completed task claimed rewards on 22nd feb 2018. Till now I have not received my rewards payout.. waste of time.. don't use the app.. FAKE APP

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