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Have an entire dungeon up your sleeve! Add parameters, generate with one click!

Players are wacky, but a DM always have to be prepared, even during improvisation.

You wouldn’t have thought they will storm the thieves guild hall, but they just kicked the door. They ignored your adventure hook and want to visit the mysterious crypt you have mentioned two sessions before. As the party travels they noticed an abandoned mansion a few miles away, and they decided to explore it. What can a DM do in a situation like these? What would you do?

Generate a good old dungeon on the fly with a detailed map, enemies, traps and treasure using this application!

Before dungeon generation you can specify many parameters:
- size and difficulty of your dungeon
- number and level of your players
- size and density of rooms
- number of traps
- type of monsters inhabiting your dungeon
- and more...

You also can save time during your preparations with this app. Generate a dungeon and add some details to make it perfectly fit your campaign!

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Latest Ratings

Buximus 3
Great app. Would be better if you change things in your generated dungeon so it will only get 3 stars
Charles 5
It's just great, especially if your a DM
Lidren 5
Excellent for pickup games, awesome in general. I'd like more size/detail/layout options if possible. Also maybe a way to add custom description in the app to room and trap markers.
Doctor 5
Best Dungeon creator app in the play store!!!
Matt 4
Just need to make the initial monster selection menu so that you can preselect multiple types (say with a check box?) so the dungeons can feel more themed/ less schizophrenic. It is super random, and that is really old school. I love that. But the monsters/ traps/ treasures need to be alterable/ customizable, to really make this a 5-star rated app, in my opinion. Still really great work. Also, maybe somehow add an option for generating corridor wandering monsters? Thanks. This is just what I wanted, otherwise!
Lee 5
As a DM this is great, it reduces my prep time so much giving me more time for story
scruffy 5
Very good update and rather useful, thanks developers
Brandon 4
Like how easy it is to use but would love some extra customizability (the only reason i didnt rate it a 5)
Scoot 5
One of the best out there! It deserves more than 500 downloads.
Sean 4
Finally....someone gets it....Good F'n job.๐Ÿ˜Š
Cody 5
It's just what I was looking for. Easy to use and fast as well. The only think I wish for is bosses. It gives you monsters but no bosses fight. But that doesn't change my review cuz o can make up a quick boss for them to fight.

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