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Fight zombies with the craziest weapons!

Get ready to fight a mob of zombies with the craziest weapons from the popular Slingshot Channel! Use your arsenal of 9 weapons made by Jörg Sprave — slingshots, crossbows and more — to eliminate multiple types of zombies and bosses before they get too close! Enjoy Jörg's famous laughter and celebrate his signatory lines! Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse in this official mobile game for The Slingshot Channel?

This app offers in-app purchases and advertisements.

• Fight zombies with Jörg's craziest weapons from The Slingshot Channel!
• Try out "The Features" of the Drill Powered Gatling Gun, Verminator and more!
• Experience the devastating power of the mighty Airzooka!
• Unlock weapons and items to defeat multiple types of zombies and bosses!
• Upgrade your weapons to improve your arsenal against the mob of dead!

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Austin 3
Waaaaaay too grindy, but it supports joerg. After a few hours of play it doesn't seem to get any less grindy, the loot system needs its odds reworked to allow far more ammo drops, xp needs to be better balanced at high levels and honestly the volantary adds are too much of a boon and become more so as you level up. Long story short: great concept, needs balancing.
Mason 5
The game looks simple at first glance. However, it does get quite difficult as you progress through the waves. The controls feel pretty good, and the game play is overall very enjoyable. The only thing that I'd add is chests, and daily challenges, so that we as the players have a reason to come back. Regardless of that comment, I'd recommend playing the game. It is very fun, challenging, and addicting. Furthermore, you get to help out Mr. Sprave in making his phenomenal contraptions. Play now!
Legendary 5
Fun but poorly realized. The game is a spamfest in the start, but quickly becomes fun once multiple weapons are unlocked. Juggling weapons and ammo management with diffrent enemy types is where the game shines. Too bad the game doesn't play to its streangths as weapon slots are locked behind evergrowing paywalls. Would be better if all weapons were avalible but that goes with the terratory is free to play, grind for fun games.
Mitchell 3
Despite Jeorg's video saying that this is not a pay-to-win game: it really feels like one. Yes, I'll admit, YOU (technically) CAN get everything in the game without paying a cent, however, the progression rate seems unbearably slow to me. The only way that I can speed up the game is by spending half my play time watching ads. It feels like this game was designed to capitalize on the loyalty of Jeorg's fanbase rather than by re-earning it with a good product.
Nicholas 4
Joerg Sprave's YouTube channel is AWESOME and the fact that there's a game related to it is even cooler \m/ As for feedback on the game: It's perfect, but I would like a tiny bit of explanation as to what the buttons on the HUD does. I keep accidentally upgrading the wrong things for example xD
So much fun! I have this on multiple devices and I just can't stop playing it! I'm a big fan of Joerge Sprave and The Slingshot Channel. Hearing his laugh after I pass a level always brings a smile to my face! Excellent game! Would recommend to anyone! Well done!
At first glance this game wasn't looking promising, but I still decided to give it a try. I've been playing this game for few hours now since I first opened it. Very addictive and entertaining, I certainly can not tell what's so attractive in it but I really enjoyed this game. Would recommend trying. 5/5 no doubt.
Dominic 4
Fun and just the right amount of challenge! I'll definitely play this game whenever I'm bored and have some free time, I like how you are able to play the game and still get the same rewards as if you had payed money on it. I haven't found any glitches yet.
Brendan 4
Great sound FX! As for controls, a bit awkward, but that's just me. They're intuitive. The concept is definitely the best; it's very loyal to Jörg. There is room for improvement. The standard rewards are generous. How about updates for special events, or challenges with player scoreboards?
Kirk 5
Great game made by a quality YouTube content creator. Fun to play and super addicting! If you're a fan of Joerg's YouTube page this is a must have app. Even if you've never seen his videos, the game is great in its own right!
Best game ever hahoo! Edit: Don't know if this was in the game on purpose, perhaps a glitch. When you shoot your last bullet with a auto Weapon (AutoCrossBow and Mingun as of Now) you get MASSIVE range with throwing rocks, Which I like. So Please Could we have this feature NOT as a glitch but as a level up reward (like 30 or something)

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