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Shows you the battery charge of the Apple AirPods and BeatsX on Android.

This app displays the current battery state of your Apple AirPods or your BeatsX.

You can open the app to see the charge of your AirPods / BeatsX or just use the notification (pro) if you just want to have a quick look.

The battery status is displayed with an interval size of 10% (Full | 95% | 85% ...).
The AirPods and BeatsX only send their battery status to Android devices in 10% increments.
The AirPods case don't have a Bluetooth transmitter. Therefore, the battery level of the case is only displayed when at least one AirPod is inserted in the case.

▶︎ small popup to show current battery status of your AirPods / BeatsX
▶︎ self updating notification (pro)
▶︎ the notification icon in status bar shows the charge of the lowest pod
▶︎ automatically open when AirPods / BeatsX are connected to the phone
▶︎ see charge of Apple AirPods and BeatsX

Features to come in the next updates:
+ only display nearest AirPods
+ in ear detection
+ more Beats devices. Write me an E-Mail, when you own one of the following:
– Beats Studio 3 Wireless
– Beats Solo 3 Wireless
– Powerbeats 3

The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface. The API for Bluetooth LE only works with Location Permission, because the beacons for indoor navigation also uses Bluetooth LE.

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Latest Ratings

Sami 4
Tbh I didn't expect much but it was surprisingly good so I decided to upgrade to the pro version. And let me tell you, you will not regret. It's so accurate I checked my battery on my I phone then I checked it on this phone it was the same percentage, but when it's below 95 and above 90 as an example, it doesn't show you the percentage in between. Overall it's great !
Krishan 5
Works as described but it is a bit buggy on my phone since I have Airpods in on a college campus. Gui keeps refreshing constantly and switches the image from a BeatsX and Airpods repeatedly so I can't see my battery easily. Just a current app issue when around others with BeatsX and Airpods.
Chris 4
so far it seems good. the case battery levels read properly I think, but my right side Airpod's percentage tend to fluctuate about 30%. for example, it's at 85% but the app jumps from 85% to 55% every second or so. maybe a visual issue. edit: after the developer updated it appears that the app is still being fine-tuned to only pick up your paired airpods, however it is reading mine and a co-worker's hence the fluctuation (it's showing two airpods)
Jeremy 4
Best I can find. Being a person who has went from iPhone to Android, I needed a companion for my Beats X. The ONLY issue I've had out of it, is that when I initially connected them, the application had automatically opened, but wouldn't detect them as connected. When I unlinked and relinked however, the problem was fixed.
ujwal 4
So far so good, but why does it need the location services to be enabled to detect the battery percentage. Also the pop-up is not quick. I have to open the app and enable the location services to get the overlay. A bit slow but works as expected. If not for these reasons, I'd have taken the pro immediately.
Kingof 5
The app does exactly what it says. Adds are minimal and cost to remove them is lower than the cost of another app in the store that does the same thing but doesn't look as good
Sange 3
I compared this app with IPhone for my airpod i see lil inaccurate. Bettery level showed 83% on actual IPhone and this app showed 85% which is pretty acceptable however when I close my airpod the display doesn't close itself.
Rey 4
This app works well and does display the battery levels of the Airpods as well as the case, which I love. However, the battery display levels sometimes jump repeatedly between 100% and 65% at a rate of probably, 2 or 3 times per second. This is probably a bug to be corrected in a future update. I am using the paid version on a Samsung Note 8. Thanks for making this app! It is really useful.
Dominic 5
Does exactly what it says on the tin! When it gains in-ear detection this will go from a nice-to-have to an absolute essential. Would gladly pay 10x the pro price for that feature alone!
HerrVonGinger 5
Had IPhones for years and just changed to Android. Great app that replaces the stock Apple airpods notification for battery level etc. and does a great job.
Dov 4
Great app. Works as planned and makes it so enjoyable to use airpods on Android. It is a bit buggy where it doesn't always pop up and I need to hit the app to start it up , but overall it's awesome.

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