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Looking for Volume Booster? Player Equalizer? Sound Booster? Speaker Booster?

Are you looking for best Volume Booster ? Music Player ? Equalizer ? Sound Booster ? Speaker Booster ? This application All-in-one it contains all these Features in one application also
do not forget the property loud speaker and subwoofer yes all this in one apps Gold Volume Booster will make your phone sound and overall volume stronger by 30-40% depending on your device!

Gold Volume Booster with the friendly interface, ultra-small capacity will help you to increase the Music Volume of your mobile phone by 30% - 40% with just one touch without distorting
the sound.

*Features of app to make volume louder:

+ One click Volume Booster
yes you can boost your phone volume with one tap it will increase all phone volume.

+ Powerful Equalizer
Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Music or Audio coming out of your phone.

+ Custom Volume Presets
Presets allow you to quickly and easily set your volume for different situations, such as: with specific pairs of headphones, while plugged into an AUX cord in your car, etc.

+ Manual Adjust Volume Booster
You can control the volume level for each item like - Alarm Volume, System Volume, Call Volume, Appel Volume, Sound Volume, Notification Volume, Speaker Volume, Media Music Player Volume,
Sound Music Volume, Audio Music volume.

+ Music Player
Music player can quick to show you tracks by artists, albums, genre, playlist and the music folder structure. Access your music library directly from the app.

+ Visualzer
Music Visualizer plays music and renders beautiful visualized effects with Snoop mode It changes all the time.

+ Shortcut of gold Volume Booster
Make shortcuts right on your home screen, just one touch to enhance sound volume for your phone without enter to app.

Gold Volumes Booster that you can boost are:

- Alarm Volume.
- System Volume.
- Sound Volume.
- Notification Volume.
- Speaker Volume.
- Media Player Volume.
- Mp3 Music Volume.
- Sound Music Volume.
- Audio Music volume.

Our Volume Booster is not just a volume increaser that increases volume, but also a music equalizer that improves the sound quality and bass.

What are you waiting for ?
Download Gold Volume Booster app and enjoy boosting your mobile phone or tablet volume easy & fast.

"Disclaimer": -This app in no way can damage your phone!

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Latest Ratings

Richard 3
So many similar booster apps. Pretty sure all are hype and those who actually think it acts as some fantastic amplifier, are being fooled. It's all in your head. You want it to work therefore your brain tricks you into thinking so. Just another scam like everything else in this demented world. Try 6000 Watts on two 15s. That my friends is no maybe. When your ears bottom out and you have done permanent hearing damage, that is something that actually does what it's supposed to do. Now how much louder could a cell phone possibly get? Also another user is absolutely correct because it does zero for quality of sound in headphones.
chris 5
I rarely give 5 Stars, but this app is worth all five of far that is. Don't blow it and you'll stay at the top of the list!
Dean 3
First time using it so I'm going to give it a shot I'll give you a better story later after if it works with my phone better than it does you alls thank you Guys
Susie 5
New to me now I'm going to try it out and come back and give a good report if I can hear better I'm a senior and it's so hard for me to hear my volume up
grandma 5
This is great but maybe don't make it so loud whenever you boost something up; it really hurts lol
Bahodurhon 1
The most annoying app i have ever downloaded. Can't regulate how much boost u need and everytime you tuouch the damn thing you either get a pop add or an abnoxiously loud sound.
Brendon 5
ItS ok bass needs to be louder like to the point the speak vibrates the windows
Ashraf 1
No change in to volume and it is not how I use it. It is made to view ads only. A waste of time.
Kelly 1
Not worth the download doesn't work turned up the bass on my headphones then on the app there was no difference in sound turned off the equalizer and the bass sound stayed the same so this app is a fake
sumit 1
Totally waste of time lots of adds plz don't download it
Jennifer 4
It's Okay you can have the volume pretty loud but is it really gold? And the other thing it kinda sucks because it's just a normal booster

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