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Complete dog care, Expenses, Puppies, Sales, Search and Chat with dog owners.

What is Dog Pro Breeders application?

Dog Pro Breeders is a mobile application developed for dog breeders and owners all over the world. It enables easier communication, simpler breeding process, direct chat and faster finding and selling dogs.

You have a dog?

Thanks to DogProBreeders application, you can have all informations about the dog in one place: name, age, gender, microchip number and position, passeport number, insurance policy number, owner informations, hip examination, hearing test and dog weight. Also, you can see the date of the last vacination and note the termin of next vacination.

You are planning to mate a dog?

If you are planning to mate a dog, using this application you can enter the informations about the mate and the owner of the mate. All you need to do is to enter the informations like date of mating, date of litter if mating was successful, number, payment informations, who is paying for mating and puppies, when and where have you settled the payment, days till the rearing and many other informations.

Mating was successful and the little ones came!

With DogProBreeders app you can, in very simple and transparent way, record which dogs were mated and when. Enter the number of puppies in the litter, list of all puppies and informations about the gender, name, colour and price of each individual puppy, is puppy reserved, sold or free.
By clicking you can see the informations about each individual puppy's health condition, examinations, buyer informations, payment method and when the puppy will be taken to a new home.

Dog Health
Visiting the vet!

Keep records of each vacination and medical examination of the dog or puppy from the litter. All informations about the dog health are now in one place. By choosing the time period, you can check all informations connected the dog's health, including the date and price of examinations which is automatically included in expenses.

Dog Expenses
Having a dog is a great responsibility. Watch the expenses!

For easier control of the budget, this application offers the option of recording the expenses you have for each dog individually or the litter.Follow the expenses for dog health, food, care, equipment or toys, exhibition expenses, accommodation expenses and all additional equipment of your four –legged friend.

Dog Activity
A sound body makes a sound mind!

Care for physical condition of a dog is an indispensable obligation of every dog owner! If you run after your dog, ride a bike or just walk, you can see the tour, distance and quality time you will spend with your dog.

All in one place – Map DogProBreeders.

The map shows all users of the application, location by the address and their message. For example, if you are selling Doberman puppies: the map will show the message „I sell Doberman puppies“ and the contact informations. Other users can contact you by e-mail, cell phone number or direct chat by using this application. Also the map enables direct zooming of the location and the automatic navigation. The main goal is to make contact easier for users, regardless of are they looking for professional kennel or individual dog owner for purpose of buying, mating or simply for association.

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