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Lord of Dark Android Gameplay

Description & Details

Original 3D ARPG mobile game. Cool scenes, great operating, fascinating story.

Lord of Dark is the newest action MMORPG. Powered by Unity 3D engine, players can transform into 5 different Fiends, battle bosses and minions in Story Mode, occupy stages for desirable loots in Inferno Mode, fight against players from around the world in Arena and Soul Reap, or team up with partners in Multiplayer instances.

The world is in chaos since the invasion of Underworld Demons. And the only hope to restore peace and order lies in a blood crystal that seals ancient Fiends’ power. Take over the blood crystal, unseal the power within, and dominate demons, for justice or for evil. Heroes, gear up and go feed your dark side!

●Fiend transformation
Transform into Fiends, deal massive damages and save your life
●Demon Wing
Upgrade your Wings for a dazzling appearance and strengthened power
●Skills and Runes
Enhance your skills with Runes to unleash powerful skill combos
●Trial Mode
Challenge yourself and collect mountains of loot
●Inferno Mode
Battle both players and monsters, capture dungeons and get rewards for your dominance
●Demonic Tower
Defeat bosses and minions, obtain rare items, and beat your friends to the highest level
Fight 1 on 1, climb up the rank board and receive top rewards
●Multiplayer Dungeons
Team up with your friends and share the luxurious rewards
●Guild System
Join in a guild for dungeon crawl and boss fights. Eliminate enemies in guild wars with those who share your love and hate
●Title System
Unlock achievements and get glory titles

Connect with Lord of Dark!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lord.of.dark.en/

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
USK: Ages 6+
Installs (Google)
100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

zizau 3
this its the last time i download this game in play store i try many² time but the problems remains same...the problem is my account can't log in
glenn 3
About my old account Ign: EredMae VIP 8 Server: S1 Can I log in my old account here?
Kristiawan 5
Nice ancient storyline game..equipments are awesome
Lisa 4
Rise of Darkness? I really like this game but why are there 2 games the same, rise of darkness and lord of dark? But also why no enchanter character in the Lord of dark? That's a bummer :( because my friend cannot find rise of darkness only lord of dark, so to play with him I have to give up enchanter -sad face. Please explain.
Kong 3
Play game Many hacker are hacking this game. Example power around 350000 but, can fight world boss damge 32million. Why he can do like this. He level 64 only. His all properties very low. Why he can do like this. If this game has many hacker like this.Should i still continue pay money for this game.
Brian 4
Keeps messing up The reason I gave it four stars is because Im not able to use my spirit stones on my equipment. And it wouldn't let me use my old password to get my old characters back.😣 It took a while to get to where I was and now I'm having to do it all over agin
MCPElvina585 4
Need Help Why Can't I Recharge With Google Play, I Tried It Many Time Already Nothing Comes Up At My Screen... Please Help Me
mujayminn 1
Bug I love the game but in my account there's a bug. No 'inset' in my bag. Canot insert spirit stone in any item. Please fix it so that i can give 5star. I have an screenahot image where should i post it for evidence?
JayaKumar 1
Doesn't work It asks me to login but I already logged in it doesn't work for me....plz fix the bug...
M2da 5
The name was rise of darkness before and that's why I couldn't find it and I can't find rise of darkness .
Billie 3
Well Gave 3 stars because the lagg!

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