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Stay abreast with the newest trends in terms of white collar crime trends.

Tech-buzzwords like ‘cloud’ and ‘mobility’ are thrown around in almost every business meeting today. The biggest hurdle holding you or your business back from advancing, is the capital investment required to get there.

But, there is good news – you can now stay abreast with the newest trends in terms of white collar crime – Occupational -, Insurance -, Assurance -, and Health Insurance industry fraud trends. Censeo invested R’ millions over the past 3 years to design and develop a suite of applications to stay connected, to deliver services, and for access to a wealth of intelligence in terms of mitigating risk.

Censeo applies unique as well as modern methods and technologies such as the Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) for pre-employment and integrity verification, risk exposure analysis and insurance claims segmentation.

Are you, or your company facing challenges such as:

- Theft in the workplace/from colleagues?

- Fraud/ forgery/overstating invoices/irregular mark-up/overstated valuations etc?

- Abuse of company tools/equipment etc?

- Bribery/undue advances - internal and external?

- Confidentiality breaches - Industrial espionage?

- Absenteeism?

- Misconduct?

Organisations loose an astounding 5% of revenue each year due to fraudulent activities – ACFE Global Report to the Nations 2015. The bulk of fraud detection comes from sources within the company blowing the whistle. Most of these perpetrators live well beyond their means, have financial difficulties, and instability in their personal lives. Don’t be ignorant and think that white collar crime is only unique and relevant to certain industries. Why risk becoming a statistic?

Download Censeo Pty Ltd’s app for FREE – available in both the Play and App stores.

Do you need professional advice or services relating to white collar crime?

Censeo has saved clients almost R 2.5 Billion since our launch in September 2010. We take white collar crime fighting very serious – Censeo only employ integrity vetted professionals, certified fraud examiners, forensic auditors and a team of attorneys. We have the biggest and most successful certified veracity call centre in Africa using layer voice analytics (LVA©). As a Corporate member in good standing of the ACFE SA (the entire management team = CFE’s) and our CEO (CFE) is the current President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – South Africa Chapter, you need to look no further.

Contact us, or stay in touch on this unique communications platform – the Censeo App for all your answers, advice and services relating to procurement fraud, stock and material shrinkage/theft, occupational fraud, undue financial and/or property losses.

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