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Fidget Spinner Evolution - Idle Collector








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By Evolution Games GmbH Category Simulation

Fidget Spinner Evolution - Idle Collector - Android Gameplay

Description & Details

Combine spinners to mutate them discover mutation and become billionaire rich

Find out what happens to an spinner evolution when the evolution started, combine two spinners to evolve and discover the most curious and funny forms of your favorite toy.

Explore the real world, explore the continent event the world is not safe for your mutation spinners evolution.


It’s simpler then a matching game!

• As your Spinner evolution drop coins, buy new Spinner to earn even more money

• Drag and drop similar Spinners to evolve them into new and more profitable Spinner

• Also tap the Spinner evolution to make more coins


• Five different stages and 30 different forms of Spinner evolution

• A cool mix of idle and incremental clicker like Tamago!

• Three possible endings: find the right god as you play!

Download Spinner Evolution now start your own journey of Spinners🙂

We love clicker and idle games the way you do! If you have any questions, found a bug or you have new upgrade ideas, get in touch with us! We appreciate your help a lot and donate it with a 5$ ingame code for free!

We take your feedback very seriously. To get in touch with us, please send us an email or visit our website:

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Lisa 5
Fun game we play together (dad, 8 y/o son and myself all have it on our android devices). Only complaint is I wish that the spinners didn't move other than spin!
:( I saw what you could do but you didn't do it correct 1. The next character you can make from evolving is spoilt because it shows a shadow 2. When you try to move the spinner it is hard as it stops multiple times. Here is more but it is not 2 bad
Jason 5
This game is fun for my eyes. So pointless. But the dopapmine rush that I get even when just wasting time seems so worth it
K 5
This game is great! I like the cool spinners!☺the faces or cute and the spinners have a REALLY good shape. I like GOD world! It i s Great! I Like the designs on the fidget spinners! THERE GREAT!
Princess 5
It's fun and keeps me away from danger because it makes me stay inside so I don't get hurt Nd it's SO CUTE😍
Nina 1
It dose not work it gave my phone a virus
Kelly 1
It glitches then turns off every 2 seconds
I think the little fidget Spinners are cute I just wish they wouldn't spend as much because it's hard to play
Olivia 4
I would rate them all 5 but I accidentally pressed the other ones.
Ava 5
The spinners move on a weird way but its perfect other than that
Amethyst 5
I think this game is very fun and I don't have any trouble playing it and I'm glad about that

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