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Description & Details

Enjoy a faster and cleaner Twitter experience!

Fenix brings you a fresh and modern Twitter experience!
Tired of the same old Twitter apps? Give Fenix a try and you won't go back!

✓ Support for multiple accounts

✓ Fully customisable main screen, where your lists and saved searches can be just a swipe away

✓ Beautiful images and videos previews, with support for external websites like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Flickr

✓ Gorgeous conversations layout

✓ Mute system for noisy or unwanted users, hashtags or keywords

✓ Choose from a selection of beautiful light or dark themes

✓ And a lot more...

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Android and Me

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Android Headlines

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Android Community

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Droid Life

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    (2 months ago)

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Latest Ratings

Ahmad 2
It looked great the first two days. Then, I started to realize how limited the experience this app provides compared to the actual twitter app. For example, you can't create, edit, or even access moments. Secondly, the search options are way too inferior and it only shows what ppl the current day's results. A third and a strange one indeed is that there are no pinned tweets. I could give more and more examples but to summarize. If you want a third party app that ONLY look good, this app is for you. Otherwise, just save your money and stick with the original twitter app.
Captain 4
It's improved quite a bit, pretty much to the point where I'm willing to switch from Fenix 1. I do wish that they'd bring back the two column design for tablets, the current design looks fine on phones but has way too much wasted space on a wide tablet screen.
Andrew 2
Sadly the layout is way inferior to the previous version. So much unnecessary padding (even new "condensed" mode still has 50% too much, even if slight progress.), and the reply/retweet markers seemigly placed to lower information density as much as possible. Line weighting and headings inferior to the old version too. Shame, because some of the functionality improvements are really nice.
James 1
I hate to say, but had to uninstall as it is unusable... despite my numerous requests for feedback , the developer ignored me completely. Appearance 10/10 functionality Zero. Slow, freezing, crashing battery drainer...!!! 😯
Colin 2
It's like Fenix 1 with features taken out. If you add swipe to compose (like Fenix 1) and more color selection for links (like Fenix 1 has) I might consider using this app but at the moment I have no reason to use this over the original
Clint 1
Runs so much worse than it did in beta. Lag, errors, minute long load times. Notifications that only take you to the timeline, not to what the notification was about.
Brian 2
They will stop supporting the app once they run out of tokens to sell, and then try to sell you "Fenix 3" in January.
Vimal 5
Good app. One query. The app doesn't show favorites notification for their RETWEETS. Only shows for their tweets. Bug or missing feature?
Nick 4
App is coming along nicely and the developer seems to be fairly active which is nice. Would like to see implementation of features that were available in the previous revision of this app.
Adam 3
A lot of stalling in this app on my Pixel XL & Huawei M3 tablet. Wow. Had to switch to another app.
Dengo 2
Nice to look at but doesn't have polls or 280 characters which means you miss out on a good amount of content and have to have the official Twitter app installed, rendering this app pretty much useless

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